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Deserving Dad Award – Alton McCrea

Hey DTC Family!

Big Announcement!

Dads That Cook names its first Deserving Dad Award Winner!! His name is: Alton McCrea, father of KaMya, 11, and partner to Erica Moseley. Residence: San Francisco.

What makes Alton a DTC Deserving Dad?? There are a lot of Deserving Dads out there who are selfless and giving back in big ways to their family and community. In Alton’s case, it was his dedication to his family’s welfare that caught our eye. After being homeless and living out of his car with his partner and daughter, he took a graveyard shift job (2 am – 10 am) 6 nights a week. Not only does he put in his time at the warehouse, he continues to help the family during the daylight hours with errands, driving them home from work/school or to appointments, and then figures out their meals. He does this all with a smile and positive attitude. His goal: To help keep his family off the streets, and feed them well while they figure out how to survive and ultimately thrive. 

Need Your Help:

DTC has set up a Go Fund Me to help Alton and this family beat the homeless cycle. So far, we’ve provided an Instant Pot, gas money, grocery cards, DTC stuff and a beautiful piece of artwork. But we at Dads That Cook want to go the extra mile with Thanksgiving around the corner. 

DTC will match any amount contributed in the Go Fund Me – up to a $1,000 (Click Here)

What will this money be used for? Car registration, KaMya’s daily lunch for school, rent, groceries and a Thanksgiving turkey. Chip in $5, $10, $20 or whatever you can to help this wonderful family as they get back on their feet.

Watch Alton’s Episode on Dads That Cook: