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Pork Chops and Marion Blackberry Sauce, Sweet Potato Parsnip Mash and Roasted Broccolini with Chef Tom

Tom cooks up giant, juicy pork chops with a sweet and tangy marionberry-blackberry sauce served on a bed of mashed sweet potato and parsnip. On the side, we’ve got roasted broccolini with garlic. And to start, sautéed shishito peppers. This meal is to die for! Super simple, super tasty

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Tom Fischer


I was a Partner in an international consulting firm for 24 years, specializing in technology and venture capital. After leaving that role, I focused on angel investing and a few different startup companies.  While my focus today is private investing, I really try to spend most of my time with my family, traveling and pursuing athletic activities like Cross Fit and kitesurfing. I am super passionate about both of those sports – they are fun and have great communities associated with them.

Q1 - What’s one tool in the kitchen you wish you had and why?

Would a Sous-Chef count as a tool? That would be the one thing I wish I had full time :). Other than that, I wish I had a digital meat thermometer that would last and maintain its accuracy. Meat thermometers are so important in many meals. I’ve tried various ones and they all measure accurately for a while, and then seem to fail. I recently bought a Meater bluetooth meat thermometer that I’m waiting to try out.

Q2 - What’s your biggest meal disaster?

I’ve had plenty of disasters… if you cook long enough, you have a long list. Its hard to pick the biggest one … . One time I was cooking some 3 inch thick grass fed bone-in ribeye steaks. Beautiful pieces of meat. I smoked them for 45 minutes, reverse seared them in avocado oil, and then finished them in the oven. They were supposed to come out just below medium rare. The digital thermometer showed an internal temperature of 125, so I took them out. After they rested for a while, I cut into them for slicing and serving. They were all well done (see my prior complaint about digital thermometers). Yuck!

Q3 - What’s one thing you would like to learn how to make?

I feel like the number of foods that I would like to learn how to make is endless. I’m blessed with the ability to follow (and enhance) almost any recipe upon which I stumble. I am definitely into cooking with healthy fats, no lactose and minimal grains and starches. I find all sorts of recipes and make substitutions galore to play around with my definition of healthy. I tend to follow a more paleo diet and cooking style and am always looking to enhance my knowledge of grain free and lactose free meals. I also love picking up new recipes from ethnic cultures like Puerto Rico (to name one as an example) to continually try something new.

Q4 - If there was one dish you would teach your kid to make, what would it be?

I’m not sure I could pick any one recipe to teach my kids. I think the focus for my kids is more on teaching them to use quality ingredients and be thoughtful about what they cook and eat. They’ve learned through example about what foods, oils, and spices we buy and how we cook with them. I want them to understand the importance of how this impacts their health and their ability to live a long and healthy life.

Q5 - What does it mean to you as a dad to cook for your family?

Being a dad and cooking for my family is one of my greatest joys. As anyone who cooks know, it takes a lot of time to shop, prepare and cook a good meal. While some meals can be simple and prepared quickly, and some take longer ….. they all are eaten in about the same amount of time. There is nothing better than when your family tastes a meal and tells you how great it is. I love the fact that my family is able to eat healthy and enjoy (what I believe) is high quality food. For me personally, I love the process of cooking and putting together a meal that is full of surprises and great tastes.

Pork and Marion Blackberry Sauce with Sweet Potato Parsnip Mash with Tom Fischer



– Thank you, nurse.

– What are we making next? Let’s make some food! Hey it’s Jason with Dads That Cook, we’ve got an awesome episode today. I got Chef Tom Fisher, he’s in his happy little chef coat that we just gave him, and he’s gonna share some incredible food with us today. I’ve been fired up about this one. Explain to the people what it is you’re gonna make today. What are you making? Tell me all about it. Tell them!

– For starter we’re gonna go with some shishito peppers, and the main course is gonna be double-thick center loin pork chop, served on a bed of mashed parsnips and sweet potatoes with thyme. And then the side is going to be some roasted broccolini with garlic.

– Ah, my mouth is watering already. We got some stuff that we already chopped up, so what do we got?

– All right so-

– Wait hold on, before you get there.

– Got it.

– I got you a little handy-dandy little Dads That Cook oven mitt. You don’t have to burn your hand anymore.

– Okay, awesome.

– And inside is a knife! The Dads That Cook knife.

– Okay, this is hot. Thank you very much.

– You’re very welcome, absolutely.

– We’ll put that to good use. It’s hand-made, and whatever you do, don’t stick it in the dishwasher,

– No dishwasher. I will show up and strangle you.

– All right.

– Okay, so sorry, let’s get back to what you know, what do you got here?

– The parsnips, looks like a carrot but they’re white and when you look at these parsnips, especially when they’re bigger, they have a very fibrous center in here, so what I tend to do is take that fibrous center out. You can leave it in, but I just found that the dishes are much creamier and much more enjoyable without it.

– Without that. And then I’ve got a Japanese sweet potato, again, on the sweet potato, different from the garnet, these are a little bit lower in the sugar content, the color’s a little bit different.

– And this is going to make how many for how many people?

– This would probably serve 12 to 14 people.

– Oh wow, so you’re making stuff-

– I’m making stuff for the future as well. And I see some thyme sitting over here

– Yep, we’re gonna throw some of that in

– Are you gonna use the whole sprig or-

– No I used about ten or twelve sprigs, took all the stems off, then I chopped them up, I’ll use this for a garnish.

– All right, so we got all that, now we’re gonna throw some stuff in the Instant Pot.

– Yep.

– So what’s the process and what ingredients are you gonna throw in there?

– First thing is I got a steamer basket, I’m gonna put that in.

– Okay.

– And then I’m just gonna mix up the sweet potato, and the parsnips, these are gonna go in. All right, so we got a full pot, we’re gonna dump the rest of the thyme in, and what I use now, is you really only need any type of liquid, water will work, I like to add a little bit of flavor, so I’m gonna put a cup of the chicken bone broth in, and since I’ve got such a large quantity, about another cup of water just so I get plenty of steam in there. That’s it. No salt, salt will tend to make those tough while they’re cooking, so we’ll salt them afterwards.

– All right.

– We’re gonna put it on ten minutes. And that’s it, it’s gonna take 10 or 15 minutes to come up to pressure, it’s gonna cook for 10 minutes, and as soon as it’s done, I’ll mash everything up and it’ll be done.

– So that’s awesome, that’s working, that’s making it’s stuff. We’ll just sit around for a little while.

– Let it go.

– I like that you actually prepped all of this stuff before I got here. Let that be known, all you people who want to be on the show, prep your stuff before I show up! You ready to roll?

– Rock and roll, baby.

– Let’s go! What are we making now?

– Roasted broccolini with garlic and leeks.

– Garlic and leets, leeks, leeks.

– Leeks, leeks.

– It’s not leets. That’s garlic. What’s a leet? I have no idea.

– Garlic. That’s garlic.

– Garlic. That’s garlic.

– Couple of cloves, two, three, four, depends what you like.

– That’s garlic.

– Exactly.

– Exactly. Some like a little, some people like a lot.

– Chop it up real fine, might even mix a little bit of olive oil in it.

– Get a little bit in there.

– The leek, a little bit different, I’ll usually cut right here, cut the end off, you’ll make a slit right down the middle, and then I’m gonna just slice that into little slivers. They’ll fall apart as they’re cooking.

– Boom, boom.

– I usually like a big mixing bowl.

– Here, I’ll switch with you.

– We’re gonna grab some olive oil. Probably about a tablespoon, and I’m gonna mix this up. And my goal is to not get too much olive oil on it, I want them covered. And I use Maldon salt it’s-

– Maldon salt?

– Maldon, M-A-L-D-O-N, it’s flaky, ya look at that. Right?

– Oh yeah, it’s got bigger flakes to it.

– So again, you know, I go one on the top.

– Mhmm.

– Spin this around a couple of times, I’m gonna go another pinch, I’m gonna put that garlic in.

– That’s garlic.

– And then I’m gonna put in the chopped leeks. So I’m gonna spread this around, do one more touch of the olive oil, just so that it kind of coats the bottom. And I’m gonna do one more little sprinkle of the salt.

– Sprinkle, sprinkle. Sprinkle, sprinkle!

– And that’s it. And that’s gonna go into the oven at 425 degrees on roast, so that takes about 10 percent of the heat, puts it at the top.

– Okay, awesome.

– Done.

– That’s easy, all you gotta do is prep the stuff, that’s all you gotta do, right? So let’s stick it in the oven then.

– All right, we’ve had it in here for about 12 minutes. You can see it’s starting to brown up a little bit. You don’t want them to go soft, we’re going to give everything a toss.

– All right, so your little Instant Pot went off, so now what are we doing here?

– For this, we go the instant method, you can use your hand, you gotta just watch it, this thing is hot.

– Very hot.

– You turn it.

– It’s not bad. is that how you keep your fresh little tan?

– You can a little bit of a facial if you go into it. But then you smell like sweet potato and parsnips.

– Laying in bed, “Honey I got some good news and some bad news.”

– All right, Instant Pot just finished, it’s all done steaming, and his face looks a lot better now.

– I actually need my Dads That Cook mitt,

– You don’t want to burn your hand?

– This thing is hot. And we’re just gonna dump it in. So what I’ve got here is I’ve got some olive oil, I’ve got some ghee butter, I’ve got some salt, and I’m gonna go to the refrigerator, and I’m gonna pull out my coconut milk.

– Coconut milk, unsweetened.

– Unsweetened, that’s the deal.

– That’s the deal.

– Remember, we don’t tell my family about this one.

– Don’t tell the family, because we’re putting ghee butter in there.

– A healthy-

– Tablespoon-ish.

– Really a tablespoon, I’m using a teaspoon, we’re gonna put that in, probably about a tablespoon or two of olive oil. A sprinkle of salt, and I’m gonna wait to put the coconut milk in, because that’s gonna cool it down, and I want the oils and the fats to actually bind themselves with the potatoes.

– Are you left-handed?

– I am left handed.

– Oh that’s sad.

– Thank you, nurse.

– You’re getting kinda shiny, everyone out there’s saying “Hey, wipe his forehead off!”

– This thing is hot, okay so we’re gonna put in about a half a cup to start.

– Nice little eyeball, that looked like a quarter of a cup really to me, just saying.

– You can see now with the coconut milk, so it starts to get that really creamy texture.

– Bing-bango and you got yourself some parsnips smashed up. We got some shishito peppers, right?

– Yeah.

– Okay we’re gonna make those up.

– First I gotta tell ya, the reason I always have trouble pronouncing this, is because this is my son’s dish, and he was originally supposed to be here with us today.

– Where is he, Tom?

– He told me he had a couple of things that were super important.

– Super important. Right, like all 19 year olds are doing right now.

– And I know in my heart, Of course.

– It is important. I can feel it in my bones that he’s doing something extremely important.

– He always posts on his Instagram stories, so I thought I should check what he’s doing.

– All right let’s see. Hm, that looks important.

– Yeah, looks really important, what he’s doing.

– Oh that’s the Ferrari.

– Yeah.

– Yeah, looks important.

– Yes, I think this is a self-study program for college.

– Is that what it is?

– Yeah, I’m almost positive.

– Yeah, okay great.

– He is a great cook, my whole family, we cook together, super athletic family, we all kite-board-

– That’s so cool.

– My son has been a professional kite-boarder over the last year. My daughter is an amazing volleyball player. My wife and I, super athletic, we’re all into crossfit, kiting, running, biking, and the whole thing.

– That’s what it’s all about, having family around, Hey there’s one of the family!

– Hey!

– Hi!

– Oh it’s sweet Cindy, how are ya hun?

– How are you? It’s good to see you.

– I’m awesome. It’s good to see you too.

– Thanks for having us.

– Well I can’t wait to eat it. When is it gonna be ready?

– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re normally kinda in here with me doing this kind of thing.

– I am, yeah. But I like it when he cooks.

– Yeah, right, exactly. So I can’t wait.

– it’s a lot easier.

– I’m gonna try this later.

– Well hey, see you, thanks for stopping by.

– You’re on clean-up duty just to be clear.

– I like they just pass in, just pass in Oh yeah, you lied to me when you said they wanted to help out, and they really enjoy being in the kitchen.

– Hey!

– What are you guys doing?

– It’s my daughter strolling, I told you.

– How’s it going Sarah? Doing the pork chops tonight,

– Good. the peppers, your brother was supposed to do those. We’ll have that for dinner after your volleyball tryouts.

– Okay, well save me some.

– I will do, thank you baby. Oh, isn’t that sweet, she’s as tall as me. Amazing, she’s so tall.

– I know, I know.

– God!

– So we’ve got the pan, it’s been on for about five or six minutes, we’re gonna get it pretty hot, we’re gonna add in my normal measurement, a couple tablespoons-

– A couple eyeballs.

– A couple eyeballs of olive oil, you need that.

– We’re gonna throw the peppers in.

– Ah, yeah, sizzle, wow!

– We’re gonna put a little of the Maldon salt in.

– Yeah?

– Now these are sizzling.

– And thanks to Hayden for not coming and making them.

– Yeah, yeah, I mean they’re probably gonna be better, to be honest with you. They probably are.

– All right so we’ve got some lemon cut up. What’s happening with that?

– A little lemon cut up, we’re gonna take a lemon squeezer, cut the end off just to make it fit a little bit better.

– Oh okay.

– But it might squirt all over your face, no?

– Wow, look at that. Oh, yeah. I likey, I likey. All right Tom, what are we making next?

– I was thinking some pork chops.

– I like meat. I like your meat, so good. So good.

– This is a family channel.

– That’s a big hunk of meat you got there, Tom.

– That’s a big hunk of meat. All right, here’s what we got, guys. So these are pork loin chops.

– They’re massive!

– They’re massive, they’re double cuts.

– So we got some meat here, Tom, is what you’re saying. And you got a lot of it.

– So we’re going to put a little bit of salt on both sides, we’re gonna put a little bit of pepper.

– You’re gonna flip those bad boys over?

– Yep, we’re gonna do a quick flip.

– We got some stuff hiding over here, too, so you’re going to make a little sauce and a marinara.

– Yeah, so over to my side, what I’ve got is Marion blackberry-

– Marion Blackberry. Preserves, so it’s a half-cup, but since I’ve got such big ones, I want a little extra sauce. So we got a pretty liberal half-cup, so we want about three tablespoons, so we’re gonna go one.

– Of Dijon.

– Of Dijon. And we’re just gonna mix this up. We’re gonna let the pork chops sit for about 10, 15 minutes or so with the salt on them, and then we’re gonna throw them in the pan and cook them up. Using a steel pan, like a cast-iron, it’s either, some people call it blue steel, spun steel, it’s really hot.

– Smoking hot.

– Now, because it’s so hot, and we’re gonna be cooking at a really really hot temperature, for this, I’m gonna use avocado oil.

– Okay.

– So we’re gonna do a nice generous pouring here. So now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put these things in pretty carefully.

– Will they fit?

– Yeah they’re gonna fit.

– Oh yeah! Get that guy in there! Wants to go to the party. Wow, look at that. All right, so these chops have been cooking and we already flipped them. Now what, what’s happening now?

– Okay, so now the idea is to let this pan cool off a little bit. So we’re gonna pull it off. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna cover them in this sauce, right?

– Yeah! That looks good.

– And now, we’re gonna cover them. We’re gonna go 10 minutes on one side, we’re gonna flip them and our goal here is to get them rare to medium-rare. It is okay to eat pork-

– Of course!

– Rare to medium-rare. Then we’re gonna let the pork chops sit. We’re gonna show you a little bit on how to make the sauce for it.

– Great, and then we’ll make the sauce. And then we’ll slice it up. And we’ll eat it! All right, so while the meat is over there having it’s happy time in the pan, we’ve got our bottle that we went down and picked up, right? Way down in the dungeons! Let’s open this bad boy up.

– I think we’ll do a quick opening.

– Let’s let it breathe a little bit.

– That’s the plan.

– You know?

– All right, gotta hope the cork, that this thing works.

– Pop, look at that! Bingo-bango. That was easy.

– That was easy.

– Hey guys!

– Here there Lulu.

– Whatcha doing? I heard a wine was being opened.

– That’s uh.

– See that’s usually my calling card.

– You know, Pavlov did some studying on that.

– Yeah.

– Yeah, yeah, yeah.

– She hears a cork and she comes running.

– Oh yeah. That’s Pavlov all over the place.

– All right, well, I’ll let you guys finish up and as soon as the wine’s ready,

– Oh yeah. Just let me know.

– Exactly, that’s the plan.

– All right, I’ll be back.

– See you, ciao-ciao, buh-bye now.

– Ready to pull.

– Pull it!

– My take on this is, I’d always rather pull them a little bit sooner.

– Yeah?

– Than not. They’re gonna keep cooking.

– All right, we’ve been cooking all day and now, we’ve got some sauce to make right? Because we got the pork chop’s sitting, resting, relaxing, but we’ve got the sauce in there. Now what’s the plan?

– Okay, so here’s the plan. So I’m gonna take any of the juices that came out of this thing. You can see how much is pouring out of that.

– Yeah.

– So we’re gonna add that back in. I’m gonna add one teaspoon of a champagne vinegar.

– Okay. And then I’m gonna add, probably about a third of a cup of that chicken bone broth, just to give it a little bit more volume. And the plan here is to reduce this down by about a third. So we’re just gonna let this now reduce down. So the whole time I’m here,

– Wow.

– You know, was probably under five minutes.

– I’ve got a little extra in the spoon still.

– We’re done. Isn’t that amazing?

– Really is good.

– So I’m think these things should be in pretty good shape.

– Look at these, these are beautiful.

– Yeah.

– These are massive hunks of meat.

– So let’s take a look. So, there is a little bit of a layer of fat on the outside.

– Yeah.

– We tend to be okay with that but we’re gonna take a look at how these things have come out.

– That looks nice.

– So as we go in, I could’ve cooked these just a little bit less.

– That looks like, it needs to be eaten. Oh, look at that. I got the sauce. Oh my God, mhm! Damn, that’s good!

– I think you should make that bottle popping noise and check with our producer.

– [Producer] Is the wine ready yet?

– Told you.

– I have tried everything on this so far. Hey, the women are showing up, check it out.

– That’s because the food’s out.

– Sneaking in! Yeah sure you are.

– That’s because the food’s up.

– Hey, she’s already got her wine in her hand. Look at these.

– Oh yeah, Cheers to Dad’s That Cook!

– This is awesome! Yeah!

– Cheers to Chef Tom over here, whipping up some killer food.

– This is amazing and it’s not hard to make. You can tell it’s not hard to make, but it’s so tasty. The sauce is incredible, the meat has just the flavor, the way it’s cut nice and thin, and the parsnips and potatoes are to die for. And these broccolinis, so easy to cook.

– And we get to eat it right?

– And we get to eat right now.

– I’m so excited.

– Cheers Rock on baby.

– Too bad Hayden, you missed out!

– Dads That Cook man.

– Dads That Cook!

– Dads That Cook! So we’ll see you next time on Dads That Cook. Hey thanks for watching. If you want to see more cool videos like this one on Dads That Cook, make sure you subscribe. You wanna win some really cool stuff? Subscribe. You wanna get notified? Make sure you know what’s going on? Subscribe.