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Osso Bucco Beef Shank Recipe prepared by Chef Scotty

Join us as Chef Scotty whips up his Osso Bucco (veal shank) on a bed of Risotto and Spinach, plus his tasty Tres Leches cake recipe. Mouth watering goodness. He likes an ice cold Gibson and one of his own pickled onions with his meals!

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Scotty Bastable

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Scotty is happiest is his kitchen, rocking a bow tie and sneakers with a kitchen towel tucked into his belt. His ideal evening involves cooking a meal for his three daughters, wife, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law as the “meal music mix” of the day is playing in the background. He likes an ice cold Gibson and one of his own pickled onions with his meals. This stylish San Francisco chef is a one-of-a-kind dad.

Q1 - What’s one tool in the kitchen you wish you had and why?

Japanese fish scaler. Would come in handy when I get fresh fish in Chinatown.

Q2 - What’s your biggest meal disaster?

I Just finished making a super fancy Mexican bean salad for a lunch time gathering. It was to be the main course (besides the margaritasJ). Like the board game Mousetrap!, I reached for something, which bumped into a box of kosher salt and them an open bottle of tequila. Both the tequila and salt poured into the huge bowl of salad – one salty, boozy, uneatable mess!

Q3 - What’s one thing you would like to learn how to make?

Chocolate eclairs

Q4 - If there was one dish you would teach your kid to make, what would it be?

Timpano, the dish from the movie Big Night. Made it once and it took all day. Definitely a bonding dish for all of us.

Q5 - What does it mean to you as a dad to cook for your family?

It is nourishment for my soul. Couldn’t imagine a life without it.

<strong>Have some good laughs on these crazy bloopers with Scotty Bastable and Jason Glover as they prepare and cook an amazing meal</strong>

Osso Bucco Beef Shank Recipe with Chef Scotty

Transcript of Season 1 Episode 3

Jason: Welcome to Dads That Cook. I’m Jason Glover. I’m on a quest right now to go out around the country and find dads that know how to cook. They may be plumbers, electricians, physicians … We’re going to highlight the incredible meals that they make, show everything that they do, and get you the recipes so you can make them when you’re sitting at home with your family as well. There’s no time limits, there’s no secret ingredients, and no experts, just good cooking.

Meet Scotty Bastable, born and raised in Chicago. Scotty is a hardworking father who taught himself to cook all kinds of sensational dishes, even dessert. But don’t take my word for it. Let’s check in with the man himself.

So, welcome to Dads That Cook. I’m Jason Glover. Today, we have an awesome guest. I want to introduce you to Scotty …

Scotty: Bastable.

Jason: Bastable.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jason: Scotty, very nice to meet you. We’re going to make some food, huh?

Scotty: Osso Bucco is the main course. We’re going to put it on a nice bed of risotto, and we’re going to wilt the spinach just for a second, but save your fork because we’ve got dessert. Tres leches. The kids like it. It’s like, is this healthy, dad? Shh. Don’t tell mom.

Jason: This recipe, the Osso Bucco …

Scotty: Yes.

Jason: Where did you come up with wanting to make it?

Scotty: My brother, Jimmy. I was at his house, and he said, we’re going to go buy some veal today.

Jason: How many brothers?

Scotty: The youngest of six.

Jason: Six?

Scotty: Yeah. Five boys, one girl. Chicago born and raised. You gotta be quick or hungry.

Jason: I know, exactly, because I grew up with four boys and I was the youngest, so it was like, as soon as food was there, if you didn’t get it, forget about it. You’re not eating.

Scotty: I used to go under the kitchen table sometimes and get little something that the brothers dropped, kind of like a puppy, a little bit.

Jason: Yeah.

Scotty: It’s true, actually.

Jason: And you have two girls.

Scotty: Actually, three. One is away in college, and then Maddie and Michelle, 12 and 10. Beautiful wife, [inaudible], who’s forever young.

Jason: And you guys met how long ago?

Scotty: We’re going on 14 now.

Jason: Wow. Congratulations.

Scotty: I saw her, and that’s the one for me is what I said.

Jason: That was it?

Scotty: Uh-huh.

Jason: We’re here in San Francisco.

Scotty: Yes.

Jason: There’s a content every year for the best bell ringing dude …

Scotty: For the last 50 years, they’ve had a contest for the actual grip men that work on the cable car. They also have an amateur division, and amateurs can ring, and you raise money for charity, so I was asked five years ago and I’ve been a five time champion.

Jason: Five times?

Scotty: Five time champion. You tell a story, it’s all set to music and different actors.

Jason: It’s that elaborate?

Scotty: It is. I was Santa Claus one year.

Jason: I thought you would just be standing there going, ring-a-ling-ling.

Scotty: Oh, no. It’s too hard. They asked if I could come back one more year.

Jason: One more year?

Scotty: I’m thinking about it. One for the thumb.

Jason: That’s right. One for the thumb. You ready to make this Oso Bucco?

Scotty: Absolutely.

Jason: But you can’t cook it without something special.

Scotty: Okay.

Jason: So, here. We’ve got your cooking jacket.

Scotty: Look at that.

Jason: Look at this. Dads That Cook cooking jacket. Check that out.

Scotty: It’s like I made varsity. I’m big time.

Jason: Chef Scotty is going to be cooking today.

Scotty: Thank you. I wear it with pride.

Jason: All right, we’re in the kitchen now, and we’ve got all this stuff.

Scotty: We do have a lot of stuff.

Jason: It looks like you brought out your whole kitchen, everything in the refrigerator.

Scotty: It’s a full table.

Jason: I’m a overwhelmed. I can’t think.

Scotty: Let me take you through it. We have veal shanks, we’ve got your whole tomatoes that you’re going to crush …

Jason: Out of the can.

Scotty: The garlic, we’re going to use when we cook the Oso Bucco. Now, the beer, this is a black stout. I like to drink it, but I’m going to save it, and we’re going to cook the veal in that. You got the spinach. Big bowl, small roll. Just wilt that. Then we have the Parmesan cheese, which goes on at the end of the risotto, which, at the beginning, we have our onion. Your mushrooms, we’re going to roast those, slice them up and roast them, throw them in the risotto near the end. Don’t forget the wine. That’s not for the cake.

Jason: That’s not for the cake?

Scotty: That’s not for the cake. This is a Chablis.

Jason: Little Chablis?

Scotty: Little Chablis, that’s right. Straight out of the box. And then in this martini pitcher, we have some chicken broth, which we’re going to keep on dumping in and make the risotto take it, and take it, and take it.

Jason: Take it.

Scotty: This is the fun with the cake. All purpose flour, because you’re an all purpose kind of guy. Your sugar, your vanilla, your yummy eggs, your salt, your baking powder to give it some lift, and then the tres leches are indeed evaporated milk, condensed milk, and then your … And a little cherry on top.

Jason: Little cherry on top? Okay.

Scotty: Yeah, that’s a nice little … Fun to do.

Jason: How do you set up your Oso Bucco?

Scotty: I’m going to salt one side, then pepper, flip it over, do the same on the other deal. I’m a hands guy.

Jason: Yeah, just use your fingers. That little spoon isn’t going to do it.

Scotty: You want to sprinkle like it’s Christmas time, and then I like a little fine grind.

Jason: I like that little grinder you got there.

Scotty: Isn’t it nice? And then I’m going to flip these Johnsons over. We got eight of these.

Jason: Got eight little …

Scotty: Because eight is enough.

Jason: Kind of like watching the Brady Bunch. Always wished I was a part of that crew, too, but that was like your family, wasn’t it?

Scotty: It was.

Jason: Did you have Alice, though? No? You didn’t have Alice?

Scotty: No. There was just mom.

Jason: I didn’t have Alice.

Scotty: Okay, let’s get this over here and heat it up.

Jason: All right. Let’s do it.

Scotty: Let’s put these down here.

Jason: Okay. Get your pot going.

Scotty: You want that?

Jason: Sure.

Scotty: Let’s do a little butter in there.

Jason: It’s hot.

Scotty: That’s a little hot.

Jason: Hot.

Scotty: Hot.

Jason: Hot.

Scotty: That’s not hot. Come on.

Jason: That’s not too bad.

Scotty: A little warm right there. And then we’re just going to brown these.

Jason: Brown them up.

Scotty: I like to give them a little room. No crowding. Look at that. Is that [inaudible] … It’s almost happy.

Jason: It’s looking good already. Yeah.

Scotty: Pretty happy. Just want to get a little brownness to it.

Jason: That smells good. You need to get that garlic out. Are you going to chop it up? What are we going to do?

Scotty: I’m going to grab a knife.

Jason: I’m into that as well.

Scotty: I’m going to turn on the oven.

Jason: Oh, okay. Do you know how?

Scotty: I talk dirty to it. I don’t know.

Jason: Come on, baby. I just want to warm you up for a little bit.

Scotty: Here we go. You’re going to put the …

Jason: Whew! It’s magic.

Scotty: Yeah. That’s going to be around five minutes that we’re going to let that reduce a little bit.

Jason: I like it.

Scotty: Let’s crush some tomatoes.

Jason: All right. Let’s do it. I’m still holding the cymbal. See?

Scotty: You just want to squeeze a little bit.

Jason: Oh, boy. It gets squirty, doesn’t it? I bet if you didn’t have a jacket …

Scotty: Exhibit A right here. A reason to have this jacket. Okay, so, we’ve got more to do.

Jason: All right. What do you got?

Scotty: These guys are going back in.

Jason: You’re going to put the Buccos …

Scotty: Yeah. Everybody goes in.

Jason: It’s going to be a party. Look at that hot tub. It’s just kind of bubbling a little bit. They’re starting to sweat. You can see, look, that one … The forehead is going.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jason: But he’s not moving because he knows thyme and rosemary are showing up.

Scotty: Everybody gets a tomato, and then we’re going to give a little bit of the juice.

Jason: A little bit of the juice. Yeah, you gotta get a little bit of that juice in there. Make it happy.

Scotty: A little bit right there. And then we’ve got to get the girls.

Jason: Get the girls.

Scotty: Okay.

Jason: Get thyme, get rosemary. Tell them, hey, you don’t want to miss out on this one. I brought my boys. Just going to throw the whole sprig in there?

Scotty: The whole spring. The whole sprig stays right there.

Jason: No messing around. Wow. Good work. You ready?

Scotty: Yeah.

Jason: Can you handle it?

Scotty: I hope so.

Jason: Look at this small little oven you got, too, man. It’s like Easy Bake Oven.

Scotty: That’s right. Open the door, the light goes on. Okay. We’ve got to do some risotto.

Jason: Risotto?

Scotty: We can wait on that.

Jason: We can wait a second?

Scotty: Maybe dessert?

Jason: Yeah, let’s get the cake going. Cake sounds like a good idea? What do you think?

Scotty: What came first?

Jason: The eggs.

Scotty: Eggs. We need to separate the yolk. Let’s get a couple bowls, here.

Jason: All right. You got a little bowl there. You’re going to do everything by hand?

Scotty: Yeah. I’m a hand guy.

Jason: You’re a hand kind of guy.

Scotty: Right there. Throw that bad boy [inaudible].

Jason: Throw that in there, and let the garbage disposal do its work.

Scotty: That’s right. One and two.

Jason: One and two. Wow, you really get in there with those hands, don’t you?

Scotty: Yeah. They’re clean. We’re going to put the yolks in there and run three quarters of a cup of sugar. We’re going to put these in.

Jason: Slide those suckers in.

Scotty: Slide in … One, two, three, four. Sugar, sugar. And then we’re going to get it going. You’re looking for color, here.

Jason: Color?

Scotty: We’ll get that going. That’s a pretty color. And then I’m going to add a third cup of milk.

Jason: Third of cup?

Scotty: A little vanilla. Just get that so it’s blended. Pretty happy, shiny color.

Jason: Yeah. It’s looking good.

Scotty: Flour, flour.

Jason: What are you going to do with the flour?

Scotty: We’re going to just … We’re going to make a cake.

Jason: We’re going to make a cake?

Scotty: We’re going to make a cake. So we’re just getting all the dry ingredients. A little bit of baking powder, a little bit of salt … We’re just going to mix the wet with the dry, here, and I like to pick the spatula that matches the color I’m making.

Jason: Well, of course. Why would you want to throw yourself off?

Scotty: You want it to get together. So we got our egg whites, and then a quarter cup of sugar, and we’re going to get these …

Jason: And blend that up some more. How long is that going to be?

Scotty: Stiff, soft peaks. It’s going to stick, but it’s …

Jason: But not going to … It’s going to settle back down.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jason: That looks good.

Scotty: So it just kind of is hanging there.

Jason: Yeah.

Scotty: And we’re going to put this one in. Don’t worry about touching each other. You fold it in until that gentle yellow color is there. That looks pretty good right there.

Jason: That does look good right there.

Scotty: Just a wisp of white is still in there.

Jason: Wispy.

Scotty: … Which is what you want.

Jason: So, what are you going to do with it?

Scotty: We’ve got to ready the pan.

Jason: Okay. You gotta lube it up with some butter.

Scotty: This is going to bake for around 35 to 45 minutes.

Jason: Okay.

Scotty: We just gotta put it in the oven, 350 and we’re ready to go.

Jason: 350 and we’re ready to go.

Scotty: Use one of these ones.

Jason: You get a little toothpick when it’s time and ready to go?

Scotty: Exactly.

Jason: All right. I can’t wait to try that. It’s going to be [inaudible]. We pulled out our cake, and we let it sit for half an hour.

Scotty: Half an hour.

Jason: 42 minutes.

Scotty: 42 minutes.

Jason: And now it’s all nice and cool.

Scotty: I flipped it over. Took it out of the pan, flipped it over …

Jason: Flipped it over.

Scotty: Back in the pan.

Jason: And we’re going to do what with it, now?

Scotty: We are going to put some holes in it. I like to go along the edge.

Jason: So you’re just forking it?

Scotty: I’m forking it. And you think you’re done forking, you gotta do more.

Jason: Just fork it.

Scotty: Now we’re going to do our tres leches. So we have our evaporated milk. It’s not first, it’s gotta second, is the condensed, because you’ll see in a moment …

Jason: Yeah, you’re not kidding.

Scotty: It’s condensed.

Jason: Yeah, that’s condensed, all right.

Scotty: Yeah.

Jason: That’s not something you’re going to open up and a can and just start drinking. What color are you going to use?

Scotty: I’m going green now.

Jason: Wow. You’ve got that down.

Scotty: And then we’re going to … Cream is already rising to the top with the cream.

Jason: What are you going to with the top cream?

Scotty: It’s going in there.

Jason: Oh, okay.

Scotty: Stir it up.

Jason: You’re going to stir it?

Scotty: You can feel the thickness of it. First you think, I’m going to get artistic and draw a picture.

Jason: Sure, Pollock.

Scotty: Say goodbye to that, and then we’re going to pour it in, and it’s going to be splashy, and that’s a good thing. Another reason I do the first or second of the condensed is because near the … It’s a little thicker. It helps weigh it down, so it pushes the milk into the holes.

Jason: Squishes it down.

Scotty: We let this rest for around 30 minutes, and then we’ll take it from there.

Jason: Okay. We got the pans all nice and hot.

Scotty: A little clarified butter.

Jason: Clarified butter.

Scotty: Just to clarify things.

Jason: Just to clarify things.

Scotty: Uh-huh. Your mushrooms, you’re going to roast those. Throw them in the risotto near the end.

Jason: Nice.

Scotty: And then I’ve got some of the chicken stock, actually all, warming up, so I’ve got four cups of that. That will be added to the risotto. I heard a little something.

Jason: I think it’s great.

Scotty: I think they can go in now.

Jason: Here it comes. Oh, yeah. Now it’s partying. Everybody loves onions.

Scotty: That’s a go-to smell in the household. We’re about ready to put the risotto.

Jason: A couple cups?

Scotty: Couple cups, and the process begins.

Jason: Chablis?

Scotty: The Chablis.

Jason: The Chablis is going in the pan.

Scotty: It changes the nuance of it, so it allows it to not get too heavy in the flavor of the chicken.

Jason: Make it more alive, Scott, because it’s dead right now.

Scotty: We got our mushrooms.

Jason: Yeah, mushies are working its thing.

Scotty: When the risotto gets a little complacent, like it’s not really absorbing much because it feels like it’s done its job, and that’s when we start to throw in some of the …

Jason: Some of the stocky stock?

Scotty: Yeah. So now we’re going to get this risotto to absorb it.

Jason: And you gotta keep stirring.

Scotty: Yeah, you don’t want to burn, and it allows it to give everyone a chance to get a drink of this stock.

Jason: Risotto’s cooking up nicely. That’s still got another 15 minutes, maybe, of stirring.

Scotty: I’m just starting to hit my stride.

Jason: I’m getting blisters on my finger.

Scotty: A little spin right there.

Jason: Whoa, look at the tricks. Put on foot up on the counter.

Scotty: There you go. I want to put some of that cheese in here.

Jason: Do you want me to grab it for you?

Scotty: Sure. It’s over yonder.

Jason: Look at that. Here you go.

Scotty: Thank goodness. It was almost overcooked.

Jason: Man. That took forever to go get that. Look at your mad skills, right? That looks good.

Scotty: This is good. We’re going to keep this warm.

Jason: Yeah? Are you going to put a little cover on it, or are you just going to leave it the way it is?

Scotty: I’m going to put a little cover on it.

Jason: Let that sit.

Scotty: Yes.

Jason: We’re going to go check out the cake. Let’s make that happen.

Scotty: All right.

Jason: We’re going to whip that up and make some whipped cream?

Scotty: Yes.

Jason: Okay. I want to see your little store. It looks like you’ve got some good stuff going on.

Scotty: Let’s get whipping.

Jason: Let’s get whipping.

Scotty: Got a pint, a pint and a splash.

Jason: A pint and a splash of some …

Scotty: Heavy cream.

Jason: Heavy cream.

Scotty: And we’re going to go …

Jason: Sugar.

Scotty: A little sugar.

Jason: I like sugar in mine.

Scotty: Yeah, a little bit. Ready?

Jason: Yeah, I’m ready. Are you ready?

Scotty: I’m ready. It’s not that it’s cheating, but I almost feel like I should be doing more work.

Jason: When we were kids, we all did that.

Scotty: Yeah?

Jason: We didn’t have the little hand …

Scotty: No, you had to go.

Jason: It’s looking pretty. Whoa, oh my god. Hurry up, stop it. Oh my god.

Scotty: I like to kind of give everybody a roll, so you’re going to line up here, and we’re not going to do the sides. Two reasons. One, we kept it in the pan, here. We could have taken it out at this point.

Jason: Could have.

Scotty: But I like to [inaudible] the sides because it really has a better presentation. You don’t want to bruise the cake.

Jason: No, don’t bruise it. We will stick the cherries on after we slice it and dice it.

Scotty: Yes.

Jason: We’ll have one on there when we’re ready to serve it.

Scotty: Yes.

Jason: Now you’re going to lick the counter? There’s a spot over here. And the Oso Bucco, where are we at?

Scotty: We are so ready.

Jason: It’s time to eat.

Scotty: Our spinach. Popeye says a little spinach.

Jason: A little spinach.

Scotty: I’m hungry. Let’s go.

Jason: Let’s do it. We’re going to plate it up, and we’re going to make it happen, so why don’t you come on back and see us in the other room, because we’re going to be sitting down the family, talking [inaudible] about it.

We’re sitting down with the Bastables here. We’re at the table, we’ve been cooking all day … This food is just looking so good. So, we have the family here, now.

Scotty: Yes.

Jason: When did you guys show up?

Speaker 3: They were locked in the back room.

Jason: Were you locked in the back?

Scotty: Beautiful darling, wonderful woman, [inaudible], my wife, here. We have Michelle, the youngest, and then we have Maddie, at 12. They haven’t eaten all day …

Jason: All day? They starve you? That’s how your dad does it, right? Do you guys like to cook with your dad? Do you ever cook with your dad?

Scotty: Sometimes.

Michelle: I mostly do. She only does the tasting.

Jason: You do the tasting?

Maddie: Yeah.

Jason: That’s the best part. What do you like to cook?

Michelle: Mostly pastries.

Jason: So you’re going to like the cake that we got going on a little bit later?

Michelle: Uh-huh.

Maddie: It’s very good.

Jason: It’s very good?

Michelle: It’s awesome.

Speaker 3: It’s my favorite, actually.

Jason: It’s your favorite?

Speaker 3: Yes. I was very happy when Scotty said what he was making for dessert. Like, yes.

Jason: I want to try this food.

Scotty: Whatever you say.

Speaker 3: Wow.

Scotty: There it is. Slide it over.

Jason: I’ll lift it up. There you go.

Scotty: Right there, and the juice.

Jason: Look at that. Oh my god. That is so good. I say that, but I’m saying that because you should be saying that, you know what I mean?

Speaker 3: It’s really good.

Jason: And that beer, I get a little hint of that beer. It really soaked into the meat. It’s melting in my mouth.

Speaker 3: We’re going to get some new recipes from you.

Jason: I’ve got a cold cereal one that’s really good. This is, by far, one of the best meals I’ve ever had. If this is good, then this dessert that I’ve been hearing about is probably phenomenal. But I’m ready for that dessert, so …

Scotty: I think I hear something calling.

Jason: Yeah. I think we should get to dessert. I’m going in.

Speaker 3: Here we go.

Jason: I’m going to do it without the cherry off the top.

Speaker 3: Savor it.

Jason: Oh my god. It’s so darn good.

Speaker 3: Is it good?

Jason: Like, as soon as you bite into it, it’s like this sponge just goes [inaudible].

Speaker 3: You wake up in the middle of night and you go into the fridge for this. This is where no one is looking and you’re like, oh.

Jason: This is awesome. Thank you so much. Thank you so much.

Scotty: Gladly.

Jason: Thank you, sweetheart. Thank you for having us. You too, little cutie pies. Definitely go back to DadsThatCook.com, check out all the Oso Bucco, all the stuff we made today … But thanks again for having us.

Speaker 3: You’re welcome.

Jason: Awesome. We’ll see you next time on Dads That Cook. Awesome.

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