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Spanish Paella with Matt and Jason

Matt teaches us about a Spanish dish called Paella and how best to make it at home. Baked Brussels Sprouts are also a new appetizer and snack recipe. Paella Valenciana Recipe – Valencia is a Spanish coastal city where this dish is particularly revered.

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Matt O’Haren


Matt works in finance helping tech companies get their game on. His wife Barbara is from Chile and they have two kids. His son Zack has been studying in England for the past few years while his daughter Zoella is fluent in Mandarin. Matt has been experimenting in the kitchen for several years and has honed his culinary skills by trial and error.

Q1 - What’s one tool in the kitchen you wish you had and why?

Robot dishwasher

Q2 - What’s your biggest meal disaster?

Running out of propane with filet mignonettes on the grill

Q3 - What’s one thing you would like to learn how to make?

Green curry. Love me some green curry

Q4 - If there was one dish you would teach your kid to make, what would it be?

How to make bread and good pizza dough, have to learn myself first

Q5 - What does it mean to you as a dad to cook for your family?

I only try to cook for my family when my family is helping so it’s about cooking with them and trying to create a culture and appreciation of food and family that has dissolved.

Comedy moments on this outtake with Matt O’Haren and Jason Glover during this live shoot

Spanish Paella with Matt and Jason

Transcript of Season 1 Episode 10

Jason Glover: Welcome to Dads That Cook. I’m Jason Glover. I’m on a quest right now to go out around the country and find dads that know how to cook. They may be plumbers, electricians, physicians. We’re going to highlight the incredible meals that they make, show everything that they do and get you the recipe so you can make them when you’re sitting at home with your family as well. Here there’s no time limits. There’s no secret ingredients and no experts. Just good cooking. In this episode, we’re hanging out with Matt Oharen in his beautiful home near the historic Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco. Matt is going to show us how to make paella an exotic seafood dish with Spanish origins, with a little help from his daughter Zoella . They’ll also show us how to doctor up Brussel sprouts that even the pickiest kid who will enjoy.

All right. Welcome to Dads That Cook. I’m Jason Glover. Today we have an awesome show for you. I got a good friend of mine, Matt. Matt is going to make some awesome food. He’s making it paella. I believed that’s what you’re going to be making?

Matt Oharen: Paella.

Jason Glover: Paella? How do you say it? Pae or paella?

Matt Oharen: Paella.

Jason Glover: I like pie. How’d you learn how to cook?

Matt Oharen: Grabbing things.

Jason Glover: Grabbing things.

Matt Oharen: Getting hungry and cooking. Mainly I just look at things and say, I can do that.

Jason Glover: That’s great because that’s kind of what this show is all about. We just like to cook and we take care of our families and that’s what kind of Matt’s deal is today. He’s going to share with us his Paella. How to make it. He’s also got some really cool thing with the Brussels sprouts. What are you doing with that?

Matt Oharen: I’ll makes some potato chips.

Jason Glover: Chips. We’re going to make chips out of those Brussels sprouts, that’s going to be really, really cool. I can’t wait to see that. So how long have you been a dad? You said?

Matt Oharen: 17 years.

Jason Glover: How many kids you got?

Matt Oharen: Two.

Jason Glover: Two kids.

Matt Oharen: Two.

Jason Glover: I hear that you’re into sports. You like kite surfing?

Matt Oharen: A little bit of that. I think the first time you try to go up over through a wave and it just grabs you and eats you, that’s probably the scariest. When you start getting dragged out that’s when you start wondering why you’re doing it.

Jason Glover: So in the kitchen, I want to make sure that you’re prepared because I don’t want you to ruin your beautiful shirt. Okay. Zoella if you could do me a favor over here and bring this jacket over to big Matt. Look at that. Thank you Zoella To your official Dad’s That cook jacket. All right.

Matt Oharen: Nice.

Jason Glover: Party on Wayne. Game on.

Matt Oharen: Today we’re making paella. These are the vegetables are going to put together, paella is a Spanish dish from Valencia outside of LA, you know where they do the roller coasters?

Jason Glover: Outside of Valencia.

Matt Oharen: That’s right.

Jason Glover: Sure.

Matt Oharen: This is a Spanish dish. These are some of the basics. You need your garlic. You need your tomatoes, you need your onions. Saffron, smoked paprika. And then we’ve got some bay leaves.

Jason Glover: I hear that you’ve got some special cook who-

Matt Oharen: I’m a sous-chef that’ll cut the red peppers and not the onions.

Jason Glover: Not the onions.

Matt Oharen: Just a red pepper sous-chef.

Jason Glover: All right. So who is this special person?

Matt Oharen: Zoe, why don’t you come in? Right from? All right. This is Zoe.

Jason Glover: Hey.

Zoella: Hello.

Matt Oharen: Zoe is a chef from Valencia.

Jason Glover: What do you do first?

Zoella: Well, I normally cut out the stem.

Jason Glover: The center part.

Zoella: Yes.

Jason Glover: Part that no one wants to eat. And you don’t cut your fingers off either, right?

Zoella: Sometimes.

Jason Glover: Sometimes you cut your fingers off because you can always go down to Walgreens and pick up a new one. Right?

Zoella: Yes.

Jason Glover: It just a little glue, look at that pops right out. Boom. Just throw that over there. Awesome. All right. Then what?

Zoella: Then I kind of-

Jason Glover: Kind of shake those little seeds out a little bit.

Zoella: The seeds come out.

Matt Oharen: She likes to make a little mess.

Jason Glover: It’s good, I like messes. Oh yeah. Boom. All over the place.

Zoella: And so I like to cut this part.

Jason Glover: Okay. So you cut it down the center. All right. So you got your little things there. Oh Wow. Look at that. Just flying right out. It doesn’t want to be in there. Does it? Yeah.

Zoella: I just-

Jason Glover: And you cut the finger off like that. Okay.

Matt Oharen: Look at that, that’s a nice slice.

Jason Glover: That is a nicest slice.

Matt Oharen: That’s a nicest slice.

Jason Glover: That’s a nicest slice but I like how you’re doing. That’s great. Who taught you these techniques Zoella ?

Zoella: I’m not sure.

Jason Glover: No.

Zoella: The internet.

Matt Oharen: Hey the Internet.

Zoella: So what’s next Matt? Now what are we doing?

Matt Oharen: It’s the next, It gets a little bit harder, but we’re going to chop up the onions in little pieces. That’s what the Widow Maker’s for, the finger chopper we’re going to do the same the tomatoes. I cut all of this stuff. There’s nothing that we need is too important here [inaudible]

Jason Glover: You know what I like about this? is that I don’t have to cook and I’ve never actually cooked a paella before. So this is going to be a lot of fun.

Matt Oharen: Probably a little bigger chopping board.

Jason Glover: Sure.

Matt Oharen: Or a smaller onion. That’s really nice about this knife. If you can just scoop everything up and dump, boom.

Jason Glover: Yeah, and dump it all over the counter.

Matt Oharen: Right. Tomatoes real easier. She can shut them up. Get started. All right. So zoe I want you to mash that one up.

Jason Glover: It’s crazy.

Matt Oharen: You she’s better at the knife.

Jason Glover: All right. So we’ve got the tomatoes all chopped up there and it looks like it’s pretty much ready to roll.

Matt Oharen: Two Nice chunky garlics.

Jason Glover: Okay.

Matt Oharen: It’s not an Italian dish so you don’t want to overload it. But and then like little garlic so Zoe likes to do the garlic, put it together.

Jason Glover: Okay.

Matt Oharen: Sometimes she needs a little help with the liver.

Jason Glover: Or I’ll squeeze it. Where’s it going to go? Right in here with the tomato? For this dish, you want to try to keep all your ingredients somewhat separated.

Matt Oharen: I like making a bigger mess. I don’t have to do the dishes. So the more dishes I use, it’s completely-

Jason Glover: Oh that makes a lot of sense and I really like making a lot of mess.

Matt Oharen: Yeah just take the back of the knife.

Jason Glover: Maybe not.

Matt Oharen: Like that.

Jason Glover: All right, that’s good.

Matt Oharen: So last thing we’re going to do is cut up a couple of lemons. So the lemons are a little bit of decoration, little flavor at the very end, but so basically lemon slices and people can grab them if they want. So this was all the fresh prep work, all the spices that you need. We’re going to add some chicken and some shellfish.

Jason Glover: We’ve got everything together here. You’ve got all your ingredients. So what’s up with this rice? It doesn’t look like the long grain stuff that you normally would see?

Matt Oharen: Right. So ideally with paella, you want to use special rice, Spanish rice, short grain, a little bit like Sushi Rice. But you definitely don’t want to use long grain. The shorter Spanish rice absorbs all the flavors a little better. And this is a chicken broth and I like to keep it hot. So when you top off on the rice, you’ll see, you’re not bringing down the heat every time you do it.

Jason Glover: Matt chopped up a half pound of chicken breast and lightly brown them in a pan with some vegetable oil. Now he’s going to combine everything together to make that perfect paella.

Matt Oharen: Right little olive oil.

Jason Glover: Okay.

Matt Oharen: Made the mistake of doing too much olive oil. But it’s not too much.

Jason Glover: Can you make a mistake putting too much olive oil in?

Matt Oharen: If you pour the whole bottle in. That would be a mistake.

Jason Glover: Listen to that grill. I love the smell of onions, when they start cooking too. You can fool anybody with that smell, it’s so great.

Matt Oharen: All right, so I got cook down.

Jason Glover: You got the tomatoes, you got the onions. You’ve been cooking that down.

Matt Oharen: I’m Just going to put a little more oil. Not Too much. We’re going to do about two cups of rice. Some people like a real thin. I like it a little hardier. So I’m gonna do, that’s one cup. I like keeping things, keep simple to tomatoes. One onion, two cups of rice.

Jason Glover: Okay. Are you gonna get that rice little golden or what are you going to do?

Matt Oharen: Yeah. A little golden. So when we’re ready to pour little broth in there to soak it up.

Jason Glover: All right. How much are you going to put in?

Matt Oharen: Let’s do most of it.

Jason Glover: Most of it? All right, just kind of mix that around there like so, right there.

Matt Oharen: That’s good. That’s good.

Jason Glover: All right.

Matt Oharen: So we’ll level it out. Ideally once you get everything set, you’re not going to be stirring the rice. We’re not there yet. But-

Jason Glover: So is your dad doing it right Zoella what do you think?

Zoella: I think side needs to be a little more inside like that.

Jason Glover: Oh yeah. Yeah. That’s good. You missed that man.

Matt Oharen: Everyone’s paella expert.

Jason Glover: I think it’s done , isn’t it? I’m ready to it.

Matt Oharen: Sprinkle some of this saffron in there.

Jason Glover: Saffron, I like saffron.

Matt Oharen: We’re going to bring it to a boil. Strong simmering I guess, we can go ahead and put these Bailey’s in. I don’t like to break them up too much but just enough that you get a couple pieces but so people can pick them out.

Jason Glover: Okay. So about what? Two and a half Bailey’s or?

Matt Oharen: Yeah, two or three.

Jason Glover: Okay.

Matt Oharen: Then we’ll do the pees at the same time.

Jason Glover: And so these pees are just frozen peas, you got.

Matt Oharen: Yeah, yeah. This very basic. Some good healthy food in there but it’s also for color. So then Jason why don’t you to top off with just a little bit more off. Unlike normal rice, we put the lid on and everything’s tight. This is wide open. That’s why you want a nice big pan when we do the Brussels sprouts.

Jason Glover: All right. Yeah. Let’s get this going. We can do at the same time. I like that. What are you going to mix up here man?

Matt Oharen: All right, so what we’re doing is we’re making Brussels sprout chips, a healthy snack courtesy of my buddy Michael down the street. We’re going to make basically potato chips that are healthy. We’re going to be chopping up the Brussel sprouts and individual leaves. We’re going to putting some salt, garlic powder, a little bit of mustard seed and olive oil. Toss it all up, put it in the oven. Crispy snacks. Beautiful.

Jason Glover: Nice.

Matt Oharen: And you just got to cut them.

Jason Glover: Yeah, just cut the ends up.

Matt Oharen: Just make leaves-

Jason Glover: Take these little guys. What do you do with these, just throw them out?

Matt Oharen: When you get bored, you just throw it out. These are the best ones. Is always the nice leafy Greens.

Jason Glover: I like it.

Matt Oharen: Yeah. I like being creative. Something different people don’t have and you know, no one dares to bring Brussels sprouts to a party.

Jason Glover: Now I’ve had people bring Brussels sprouts to some of my parties and well, they just sat there.

Matt Oharen: We’re going to make the seasoning, but I like to mix it all one little bowl.

Jason Glover: Okay.

Matt Oharen: You can put anything you want, you can put chili powder, you can put paprika, whatever you want.

Jason Glover: One of my favorite spices is cinnamon, I almost put cinnamon in almost anything but that’s probably because I’m Greek.

Matt Oharen: But what I don’t do is pepper in it mainly because the kids don’t like the pep. You stir it all around and then you’re gonna wanna start putting some oil in because if you put all the oil in once, the salt will stick to it. You don’t want to put it in first, but drizzle some oil-

Jason Glover: Not much, just-

Matt Oharen: Yeah and obviously if you start feeling the salt, you know you put too much in.

Jason Glover: Really? If you’re going to a party, right? You can make these ahead of time, stick them in a bag overnight. It doesn’t matter how long and will they get wilted?

Matt Oharen: No.

Jason Glover: Not like lettuce, right? Lettuce would just like, great so we can make is at any time, bring them over to the house and impress your friends.

Matt Oharen: Let me sprinkle a little more, I forget.

Jason Glover: Yeah. Share a little love.

Matt Oharen: Get it on a cookie sheet. Spread them out as much as you can.

Jason Glover: Spread them out. How hot you got your oven going here?

Matt Oharen: So I got it at 400.

Jason Glover: Okay.

Matt Oharen: And obviously we can flip it to broil in the end, but if you just want to bake it for a while. Yeah.

Jason Glover: How long?

Matt Oharen: That I don’t-

Jason Glover: Five minutes or so?

Matt Oharen: It depends.

Jason Glover: And then.

Matt Oharen: No it’s probably closer to 10.

Jason Glover: And now we’re just kind of hang out and watch this do it’s little thing for a little bit.

Matt Oharen: Yeah, exactly.

Jason Glover: When does the pepper’s going in there?

Matt Oharen: Yeah let’s do the peppers now since-

Jason Glover: Well, I don’t know, I’m just asking you man, you’re the cook. I just stand here. Pretty. Not Pretty.

Matt Oharen: You wanted out then [inaudible] not necessarily.

Jason Glover: Yeah, you don’t want a soggy.

Matt Oharen: Crunchy, but yeah, you want it a little bit firmer. But let’s put these shrimps in. So they cook all the way through.

Jason Glover: Barbecue shrimp. Shrimp Kebab. Shrimp creole, I mean all kinds of shrimp.

Zoella: Well, it’s already turning orange.

Matt Oharen: All right. So why don’t we just put a little bit more.

Jason Glover: Getting kind of low on the broth and I’m just letting the-

Matt Oharen: You can always use water too.

Jason Glover: No, I know.

Matt Oharen: I like the broth. I don’t put any salt because there’s a little bit of salt in the broth. That looks nice.

Jason Glover: That looks nice.

Matt Oharen: All right. So we should check the Brussel sprouts.

Jason Glover: Yeah, let’s give it a whirl. Let’s see what’s going on. Pull them out.

Matt Oharen: So right now they’re still, just a little bit of brown there. Nothing really to turn. Let’s just keep cooking.

Jason Glover: Just keep them going. Just kind of them in every once in a while when they get crispy. That’s when you want them, right?

Matt Oharen: Yep.

Jason Glover: Yeah. That smells good. Smell that, huh?

Matt Oharen: Last step here, we’ll get the mussles in there.

Jason Glover: Mussles. So you’re just kind of placed them in a little spot huh?

Matt Oharen: Yeah. I mean, you want to see them, but when they open up, you know they’re-

Jason Glover: They’re happy?

Matt Oharen: Good and happy yeah. Well, they’re not happy, but-

Jason Glover: They’re not happy, no.

Matt Oharen: Now why don’t we check the-

Jason Glover: Check the chips, see what’s going on with those bad boys. look at that.

Matt Oharen: Hear that?

Jason Glover: Nice.

Matt Oharen: Some crispy ones you can grab that Christie one right now just to try it.

Jason Glover: Yeah. It looks good. Yeah, it’s got some really nice flavor.

Zoella: Bitter, sweet, salty.

Jason Glover: I like the saltiness, that really makes it like that chippy kind of. That’s good. Okay, so now we’re just kinda hanging out waiting for this deal. This guy is opening, this guy is opening.

Zoella: Yeah.

Jason Glover: These guys are all opening up over here. They’re going, “What’s up, it’s hot in here?”

Matt Oharen: When it’s ready, you put a little tin foil over it. Let it sit aside. You don’t want to eat it piping hot. That takes away the flavor. Just a little more. Let it sit.

Jason Glover: Yeah, those are good, man. Yeah. Look at that. Yeah, get on it. When you think snipsnap, that’s snipp snapping good, isn’t it?

Matt Oharen: Tasty.

Jason Glover: Yeah. The kids don’t like them either. Right? I mean Zoe, I can tell, she doesn’t like it at all.

Matt Oharen: If grandma only new.

Jason Glover: We just got through work in our paella and made our little Brussels sprout chips and Matt is on his way back over here with our yummy dish. We’re going to try it out. Take that thing off, man. Let’s do it. Yeah. Why don’t you serve that stuff up? Yeah. Let’s get this thing going. Let’s try it out, look at the colors in that chicken and the shrimp and Mussels. And again, this was a pretty simple dish to make. This wasn’t something, you’d really have to worry about too much. Just getting a few of your ingredients together, getting your stuff ready, but pretty much anybody can make this dish. This is awesome. I can’t wait to taste this.

Matt Oharen: All right. We can’t forget the lemon Zoe.

Jason Glover: All right. Alright. So what you’re saying is at the end, little Lemon on top?

Matt Oharen: Yap some people cook them inside it. I think there’s too much going on.

Jason Glover: All right, I’ll sprinkle lemon on there.

Matt Oharen: Squeeze it on fresh.

Jason Glover: Let’s try that out now. Is it okay if I try it now?

Matt Oharen: Yeah, go for it.

Jason Glover: We’re good?

Matt Oharen: It is all set.

Jason Glover: All right, let’s give it a whirl. Oh, that’s good. That’s really good. Yeah, you’re right about that. About the rice, because you can taste all of those yummy, yummy flavors that that tomato, the garlic, the onion, the saffron. You can get a little hint of the saffron in there and it also dried up into that chicken.

Matt Oharen: Yeah.

Jason Glover: Yeah. Nice tiered flavor us. So good.

Matt Oharen: So what you get is a little chewy flavor on the outside and that’s a delicacy in Spain.

Jason Glover: So is that what you gave me? Here’s a little chewy side right here.

Matt Oharen: Not Bad.

Jason Glover: Not bad, not bad, but damn good. That’s what I got to tell you, that’s what I’m saying. What do you think of your dad? You think he can cook?

Zoella: Yeah. I guess.

Jason Glover: Not Bad for a finance dude who just hangs out and deals with everybody else’s problems. If you want the recipe, which I highly recommend this, this is really, really good. Get on our website, dadsthatcook.com. Check out the recipe and you can get this whole dish and how to make it and everything. Thanks for joining us. We’ll see you next time.

Are you a dad? Do you like to cook? Do you cook meals for your family? Are you regular dad like I am not professionally trained, but you think you’ve got what it takes to be on my show? Go to dadsthatcook.com fill out the form and who knows, you might be the next person on our show.