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Smoked Brisket with Chef Marc

Marc shares his secrets to a flavorful Smoked Brisket Recipe and homemade Baked Mac n Cheese! Plus, he slaps down a fresh baked Creamy Coconut Cream Pie too! It was an incredible meal that is super simple to make. Try it out and leave us a comment to let us know how you enjoyed it 😉

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Marc Drucker

IT Specialist

This San Francisco tech worker received accolades for “The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies on Earth” in college, and baking has always been first in his heart in the kitchen. When he got married, he became the primary cook in the house and started reading every cookbook he could get his hands on. (He now has a collection of 120 cookbooks!) Slowly, he became more talented and adventurous with recipes, and he now cooks four to five dinners per week for his family, bakes his daughter’s birthday cake every year, and makes his own preserves. Marc believes that if you can read, you can cook, and he’s the best example we know!

Q1 - What’s one tool in the kitchen you wish you had and why?

A pizza/bread oven. Something wood burning that I could put in the backyard and use frequently!

Q2 - What’s your biggest meal disaster?

I had about a year or 2 where I was just terrible with poultry. I couldn't cook it to save my life. During that 2 year stretch I undercooked different poultry at least 3 or 4 times.

Q3 - What’s one thing you would like to learn how to make?

Hmmmm... I think I would like to teach her to make something super simple like scrambled eggs. She hasn't shown a strong desire to cook so I would want to start her with the basics.

Q4 - What does it mean to you as a dad to cook for your family?

Hmmmm... I think I would like to teach her to make something super simple like scrambled eggs. She hasn't shown a strong desire to cook so I would want to start her with the basics.

Q5 - What does it mean to you as a dad to cook for your family?

Honestly, it means so much. I love that I can bring smiles to my family's faces and provide in this way. I find cooking to be my zen/relaxation activity and getting to provide for our nightly family dinners warms my heart!

A look behind the scenes with Marc Drucker and Jason Glover 

Smoked Brisket with Chef Marc

Transcript of Season 1 Episode 12

Jason Glover: Welcome to “Dads That Cook”, I’m Jason Glover. I’m on a quest right now to go out around the country and find dads that know how to cook. They may be plumbers, electricians, physicians. We’re going to highlight the incredible meals that they make, show everything that they do and get you the recipe so you can make them when you’re sitting at home with your family as well.

There’s no time limits. There’s no secret ingredients, and no experts, just good cooking.

It’s time to fire up the grill and grab some tasty chunks of meat because in this special episode of “Dads That Cook”, Marc Drucker is going to teach us the art of smoking a brisket. He’s also going to show us how to take coleslaw and mac and cheese to the next level. And, a barbecue wouldn’t be the same without a pie; coconut crème pie, that is.

All right, welcome to “Dads That Cook”. Jason Glover here, and I’ve got an awesome guest here today, Marc Drucker. It’s nice to meet you Marc.

Marc Drucker: Nice to meet you as well.

Jason Glover: You mainly cook all the time, right?

Marc Drucker: I do all the cooking. So, about five-ish days a week, I do all the cooking in my house. My wife doesn’t enjoy it as much as me, is probably the diplomatic way of putting it.

Jason Glover: Your wife, what’s her name?

Marc Drucker: My wife’s name is Robyn.

Jason Glover: And your daughter?

Marc Drucker: Is Hannah.

Jason Glover: And your daughter is a student?

Marc Drucker: A student.

Jason Glover: That would be fitting for an 11-year-old.

Marc Drucker: She plays the flute. She’s in Spanish immersion. So she’s bilingual and biliterate. She loves animals more than anything on earth.

Jason Glover: Cool.

Marc Drucker: Yes.

Jason Glover: Wow, great.

Marc Drucker: Like, just crazy about animals.

So, today I’m making a smoke brisket, which will smoke for a number hours and then braise for a little bit and then fall apart tender, yummy; a baked, homemade, scratch mac and cheese with a yummy, cheesy, bechamel sauce; coleslaw, coconut crème pie.

Jason Glover: Sounds like we’re having barbecue day.

Marc Drucker: Speaks for my southern California-

Jason Glover: Southern.

Marc Drucker: … heritage.

Jason Glover: I’m from the south.

Yeah, I can’t wait. This is going to be tasty.

Marc Drucker: Yeah.

Jason Glover: Anyway, awesome.

We’ve got something that you’ve got to wear.

Marc Drucker: Okay.

Jason Glover: All right. I’ve got your chef coat.

Marc Drucker: That’s great. I am completely in love with this.

Jason Glover: This one even has your name on it.

Marc Drucker: I know. I like that.

Jason Glover: It’s Chef Marc.

Marc Drucker: And it’s spelled correctly-

Jason Glover: And it’s spelled-

Marc Drucker: … Which is a stretch for some people.

Jason Glover: See, I told you I can read. Not totally.

Marc Drucker: Thank you very much.

Jason Glover: You’re very welcome.

Why don’t we go and check out what you’re going to make?

Marc Drucker: Perfect.

Jason Glover: Awesome.

Allright. So, we’re in the kitchen with Chef Marc and we are going to make this brisket now. Please run us through your process.

Marc Drucker: My process is to get a big piece of meat.

Jason Glover: Big piece of meat.

Marc Drucker: This is six pounds. And then, I like to trim it down a little, take off some of the fat even though some of it will render out. I take a knife and I score it in a cross hatch about like inch-by-inch-

Jason Glover: Okay.

Marc Drucker: … or an-

Jason Glover: Like a square.

Marc Drucker: … inch-and-a-half-by-inch-and-a-half. Because if you don’t, once it starts cooking … because the fat is tight, it just shrinks up into this like, knuckle. I inject it with beef broth to kind of keep it moist inside. That’ll just-

Jason Glover: You don’t use that for other things do you?

Marc Drucker: I’m not saying I do-

Jason Glover: Wow.

Marc Drucker: … and I’m not saying I don’t.

Jason Glover: Just squeeze it in there, huh? Whoa, that’s crazy.

Marc Drucker: You can see, as you’re doing it, that it’s kind of plumping up.

Jason Glover: Right.

Marc Drucker: So, the rub is a lot of pepper, garlic powder, some onion powder, some mustard power, a little sugar, a little bit of salt, some cayenne, and you put that on, then you throw it on the smoker and have a beer.

Jason Glover: And have a beer.

Marc Drucker: At eight o’clock in the morning.

Jason Glover: Well, yeah. Of course.

Marc Drucker: Yeah. And I tend to be a little more generous, a little liberal with the rub, because again, it’s only going to be on the skin and you want it to kind of cook through the meat.

Jason Glover: Look at that.

Marc Drucker: Flip it over.

Jason Glover: Wow, you’re going to go double-sided here, huh?

Marc Drucker: Oh, yeah.

Jason Glover: You’re really living on the edge today, Marc.

Marc Drucker: Yeah. You know, it’s all gambling.

It’s electric smoker, which, again, means I don’t have to sit and wait-

Jason Glover: Right.

Marc Drucker: … and I don’t have to tend it. It’s got an electric thermostat so it just keeps it dialed in at exactly the temperature that I want it to be.

Jason Glover: What temperature is that?

Marc Drucker: So, I do it between 225 and 250 and when it gets maybe close to the time where I’m going to pull it, sometimes I leave it on the smoke setting which is about 150 degrees, and all it does is it just smokes and smokes and smokes.

Jason Glover: Smoke.

How cool is this thing?

And just let it sit, for hours.

Marc Drucker: For hours.

I’ll come check it in about an hour, hour-and-a-half. And if it’s running a little fast, I’ll turn it down. Because you want enough smoke to get in there.

Jason Glover: Sure.

When you first started smoking, did you ever kill a piece of meat? Did you ever make it into shoe leather?

Marc Drucker: Grilling, yes. Smoking, no. Because you’re doing it for such a protracted amount of time. It’s almost mistake-proof. As long as you’re keeping the temperature of the smoker low enough, you’re really not going to overcook anything. You can overcook it by a touch, but all it means is it’s just going to be a little more smokey good.

Jason Glover: All right, great. Well, let’s leave that there.

Marc Drucker: Yeah.

Jason Glover: And let’s go-

Marc Drucker: We go-

Jason Glover: … get started-

Marc Drucker: … back inside-

Jason Glover: … on the rest of this stuff.

Marc Drucker: All right, cool.

Jason Glover: Now we’re in the kitchen. He’s got his stuff all set up for, what? Our pie?

Marc Drucker: Coconut crème pie.

Jason Glover: Well, let’s go through it. Tell me what you got.

Marc Drucker: So, the first part of the custard, you need egg yolk. It’s five egg yolks with some sugar in it. So, about [crosstalk] a tablespoon of sugar. And then, cornstarch, which is going to tighten everything up. So, it’s going to make it, actually, pudding-ish. Plain old vanilla extract, sugar, to start the custard with the milks, butter. This is unsweetened, shredded coconut. It’s important that it’s unsweetened because you’re already adding a bunch of-

Jason Glover: Right.

Marc Drucker: … sugar and stuff to it.

Jason Glover: Absolutely.

Marc Drucker: Regular coconut milk.

Jason Glover: Regular.

Marc Drucker: So, not skimmed or light coconut milk, because that actually makes the coconut separate. And then, cow milk. And I use whole milk-

Jason Glover: Whole milk.

Marc Drucker: … because fat is flavor.

And we got our pie crust: animal crackers, sugar, coconut and butter. And then throw it in the oven so it gives it a natural crust, because this pie doesn’t get baked.

Jason Glover: Awesome.

Marc Drucker: You just refrigerate it.

Jason Glover: There’s no need to even put it on a plate, then, at that point?

Marc Drucker: Utensils are unnecessary.

Jason Glover: Yeah. Yeah.

Are you going to make your own whipped cream, too?

Marc Drucker: Of course.

Jason Glover: Of course. I think I’m moving in. That’s what I think.

Let’s see how the magic starts working.

Marc Drucker: Yep.

Jason Glover: Just get that, all of the liquid.

Marc Drucker: Add the coconut.

Jason Glover: Okay.

Marc Drucker: And the sugar. Whisk it until the sugar dissolves a little.

Jason Glover: And then, when do we turn it on?

Marc Drucker: Right now, on kind of a medium-ish heat. Then you got to stir it every once in a while so that the milk doesn’t scald on the bottom.

Jason Glover: Right.

Marc Drucker: So, while that’s going …

Jason Glover: Okay.

Marc Drucker: Take the eggs with a tablespoon of sugar.

Jason Glover: Yeah.

Marc Drucker: And then you add the cornstarch to it. I like doing it gently because you don’t want clumps.

Jason Glover: Right.

Marc Drucker: And then you just make a mess.

Jason Glover: Well, of course.

Marc Drucker: So, yeah. Now you’ve got this ribboney-

Jason Glover: Yeah.

Marc Drucker: … kind of smooth consistency. If you put all the eggs into the hot liquid at once [crosstalk], you have scrambled egg.

Jason Glover: Yeah. And that’s not going to work.

Marc Drucker: If you’ve got a little bit of a hot to the eggs, the eggs come out to the right temperature. I’ve had the scrambled egg custard before-

Jason Glover: Of course.

Marc Drucker: It’s not very good.

All it has to do is get up to about a simmer, or a boil, and then it just tightens up. I consider it magic.

Jason Glover: Magic.

Marc Drucker: But it’s sciencey magic.

My wife is convinced that the reason I like to be in the kitchen is because of the toys. The kitchen is the place in the house where you get to have gadgets and stuff.

So, I’m going to turn the heat on for that.

Jason Glover: Okay.

Marc Drucker: So, ladle.

Jason Glover: Do you want me to hold that for you?

Marc Drucker: That’d be great, thank you.

Jason Glover: Well, that’s what I’m here for.

Marc Drucker: That’s normally my daughter’s job.

Slowly, slowly, slowly … and then as you do the second or third ladle, you don’t have to be as careful. It’s already at a requisite temperature.

Jason Glover: Now, it all goes back into there.

Marc Drucker: Yes. It’s dumped in.

Jason Glover: It smells really good.

Marc Drucker: Put it back on heat.

You want it, basically, to be about what you would expect warm pudding to be. You can see it’s coming away from the sides as well. So, yeah. You put the butter in, and this all off heat, and you just whisk it until the butter melts. Now, it’s pretty much done. Then, I put a little Saran on the top so you don’t get the pudding skin.

Jason Glover: Great. Awesome. Let’s go stick that in the fridge, then.

Okay. We’re outside. We’ve been waiting for a few hours. What are we looking at here?

Marc Drucker: We’re looking at-

Jason Glover: Oh, look at that.

Marc Drucker: … a big hunk of cow.

Jason Glover: That’s party right there.

Marc Drucker: Yeah. It’s been cooking for a while. Some of the fat’s rendered. Then, I need to check the temperature of it to make sure it’s close enough.

Yep. We’re dialed completely in. Pull it off, bring it in, and then we actually braise it in the oven for about two, or so, hours.

Jason Glover: And you’re going to braise it with what?

Marc Drucker: A beer and beef broth.

Jason Glover: Beer and beef broth.

Marc Drucker: There’s nothing wrong with that.

Jason Glover: There’s nothingn wrong with beer.

Marc Drucker: Nope.

Jason Glover: No.

Marc Drucker: For braising, I just add the beef broth and then, literally, one beer. And then it just cooks off for another few hours or so. Try not pouring on top.

Jason Glover: You still want to have that flavor of all that stuff on top, you know?

Marc Drucker: I try to place the thermometer as it went in, to about the thickest part, because the middle, where it’s the thickest-

Jason Glover: Yeah.

Marc Drucker: … it’s going to take the longest to get done. Then, we cover it up with some foil; giant, tent-sized piece of foil.

Jason Glover: Yeah. You definitely have to have large foil.

Marc Drucker: With the foil on tight, it keeps the heat and the steam inside. Essentially, you’re cooking it in liquid and you’re steaming it so it gets up to the right temp. Then, it’s going to cook at about 225-250 degrees for another couple hours. Until it gets to 195 degrees. This is going to cook for a couple hours and then we’ll pull it off and let it rest.

Jason Glover: All right. Well, that’s doing it’s thing and we, now, need to start working on some coleslaw.

Marc Drucker: Sounds good.

Jason Glover: All right. Let’s get on that. Awesome. We’re going to do some coleslaw.

Marc Drucker: The base is cabbage. A lot of coleslaws are made with mayonnaise and stuff, and I just never liked that. I found this recipe for one that’s just, basically, a vinaigrette. I have red onions, red wine vinegar, some parsley and cabbage, and jalapenos that I’m, all, going to slice. And that’s just the base of the salad. Then, there’s a vinaigrette which is basically, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, salt, olive oil.

Jason Glover: Right.

Well, let’s get to chopping. Let’s make this thing happen. He’s got some skills.

Marc Drucker: Really, when you’re doing stuff, you want things of similar size put together. Although, again, the jalapenos, you don’t want too big.

Jason Glover: Right.

Marc Drucker: Because then you’re going to have a-

Jason Glover: Have a hot-

Marc Drucker: … mouth full of pepper.

Jason Glover: Yeah.

Marc Drucker: And then, these-

Jason Glover: Go in here.

Marc Drucker: … just go in here for about 20 minutes, half an hour. There you go. Then, they just sit for a little bit. You want to just slice it thin.

Jason Glover: Because you got one big head, right?

Marc Drucker: And then I took the core out because that’s just-

Jason Glover: Yeah. You don’t want to eat that.

Marc Drucker: … not good food.

I’m just going to put another half chop on that. And then this, it’ll soften up with vinaigrette once it’s in the fridge. This also keeps for days and days. So then just, slice these up nice and thin. Then, on top there. And then, some parsley. And then, you want just a rough chop on this because this is just really, almost, entirely for color.

Jason Glover: Vinegar.

Marc Drucker: That’s vinaigrette. Salt, dijon mustard, and then whisk that to combine. And then, slowly but surely. It’s a pretty thin vinaigrette.

Jason Glover: Awesome.

Marc Drucker: Yep.

Jason Glover: That’s pretty simple.

Marc Drucker: Drain this off as gently and carefully as I can.

Jason Glover: And just put them in there.

Marc Drucker: Yeah.

So, just kind of pour this over. And then, comes the fun part. Yeah. So, there’s nothing delicate about this. Then, it’s going to sit in the fridge for a few hours and soften and get good.

Jason Glover: Brisket’s almost getting pretty close, isn’t it?

Marc Drucker: It’s getting close. All we need to do now is cook off some mac and cheese.

Jason Glover: Oh, yeah. The mac. I forgot about the mac.

Marc Drucker: The first step is going to be using flour with a little mustard powder in it. Then you have some butter. And once that all binds up, then we add some milk to it and then, cheese.

Jason Glover: All right.

Marc Drucker: And then you add the macaroni, and then you melt some butter and add it to the bread crumbs, and then put that on top for a crunchy goodness.

Jason Glover: Awesome. Let’s do it.

Marc Drucker: It’s just some butter in the pan.

Jason Glover: Oh, yeah.

Marc Drucker: You want it to brown, just a touch. Now, you sprinkle on the flour and the mustard. You want it cooked. Because, otherwise, it just takes like-

Jason Glover: Tastes like [inaudible]-

Marc Drucker: … buttery flour.

Okay. This is pretty much cooked down. You can see it’s bubbling. You can’t really see any flour granules anymore. Then, the key is going to be-

Jason Glover: Putting some milk in there.

Marc Drucker: … yeah, adding the hot milk. At first, slowly.

Jason Glover: Slowly puts them in.

Marc Drucker: Yep.

This completely thickens up, almost like glue. You can see it’ll smooth out. This is going to cook for about four or five minutes, maybe.

Jason Glover: Okay.

Marc Drucker: Until it starts boiling. Yeah. So, I’d say that’s pretty much done.

Jason Glover: Yeah.

Marc Drucker: Then, turning the bechamel, now, into a cheese sauce. That’s sharp cheddar, and that’s monterey jack. There’s a lot of cheese.

Jason Glover: It melts pretty quick.

Marc Drucker: Oh, yeah.

Add a pound of macaroni. It actually seems really, really soupy when you first do it, but it all just sucks into everywhere-

Jason Glover: Wow. Look at that.

Marc Drucker: … in the mac and cheese. Then it’s going to settle down. And then, all we need to do now, put the bread crumbs on top. So, we have melted butter.

Jason Glover: Yep.

Put that on Mr. Panko, or Mrs. Panko, depending on how you look at it.

Marc Drucker: And, just kind of want the panko coated. And then, that’s ready to go in the oven.

Jason Glover: That’s awesome.

Marc Drucker: 350 degree oven, for about 30 minutes.

Jason Glover: It looks like our brisket’s almost, about ready to be happy, here.

Marc Drucker: Yeah. There you go. And then, this is going to open up and reveal …

Jason Glover: Wow. Oh, smell that.

Marc Drucker: Gently as we can, pull that guy out.

Jason Glover: Oh, look at that. Oh, I can’t wait. But, we have to wait. That’s the problem.

Marc Drucker: Yeah. Otherwise, It’s just going to be all super runny.

Jason Glover: I hear you.

A little wrappey, wrap there.

Marc Drucker: Yep. So, to kind of keep the heat in and keep the moisture in. There we go.

Jason Glover: Right.

Marc Drucker: And then, it goes into the handy, dandy, cooler, which is working in opposite by keeping it warm.

Jason Glover: Great.

Marc Drucker: And then it’ll sit for about an hour or two, and then be ready to slice.

Jason Glover: So, what do we got here?

Marc Drucker: This is the crème for the coconut crème pie. It’s just homemade whipped cream, so it’s whipping cream, cold, confectioner’s sugar, and some vanilla, and then a really cold bowl.

Jason Glover: Really cold bowl. I saw you pull that out of the freezer.

Marc Drucker: Yeah. Pour that into a bowl that’s going to be big enough because it’s going to double in volume.

Jason Glover: Yeah. You’re going to start with it?

Marc Drucker: So, once it starts getting a little bit more volume …

Jason Glover: Uh-huh (affirmative). Slap some of that sugar in there?

Marc Drucker: Then, vanilla. And you just do it until it’s almost butter, but not quite.

Let me just …

Jason Glover: Look at that. Perfect.

The plastic on top definitely stopped it from making that …

Marc Drucker: Skin.

Jason Glover: Yeah. Look at that though. Just a big glop. Wow, that’s a lot of cream.

Marc Drucker: That’ll go back in the fridge just so the-

Jason Glover: So it won’t-

Marc Drucker: … the whipped cream doesn’t melt away.

Jason Glover: Yeah, melt away. Yeah. Okay. All right.

Marc Drucker: Perfect.

Jason Glover: We’ve got the coconut. We’re going to toast that up?

Marc Drucker: Yeah, it just gives it a little nutty flavor.

Jason Glover: Okay.

Marc Drucker: I mean, you could probably put the raw coconut on top, but-

Jason Glover: You probably could. But, you know, you like your toast.

Marc Drucker: Exactly.

Jason Glover: So you just put it right in the pan?

Marc Drucker: Yeah.

So you can see, some of it’s starting to get a little toasty. And that’s pretty much it.

Jason Glover: Awesome. That looks good.

Marc Drucker: Really? It’s nothing very delicate about this at all?

Jason Glover: No. You’re just dressing it up, just throwing it on.

Marc Drucker: Giving it a pretty, pretty cover.

Jason Glover: Yeah. That looks neat. I like it.

Marc Drucker: And there we go.

Jason Glover: Yeah. And then we can just put that back in the fridge again?

Marc Drucker: Until we’re ready to eat it. So now, we’re ready to slice.

Jason Glover: All right. So, we got to pull the heart out.

Marc Drucker: Here comes the brisket.

Jason Glover: Oh, oh.

Marc Drucker: This is going to be a little hot.

Jason Glover: Oh, my gosh. Look at that thing.

Marc Drucker: The grain is running, basically, north to south like that. So you want to be cutting it against it-

Jason Glover: Against it.

Marc Drucker: … because if you cut with the grain-

Jason Glover: It’ll be too hard to chew, yeah.

Marc Drucker: … it’ll be terribly chewy.

Jason Glover: Wow. Yeah, nice sharp knife.

Marc Drucker: Yeah. Yep.

Jason Glover: But I got to get in there and try some of this.

Oh, my God.

Marc Drucker: Does it pass muster?

And usually you want to slice as much as you’re going to eat, because it will dry out otherwise.

Jason Glover: The flavors are phenomenal.

Marc Drucker: Thank you.

So there we go. Now, we have a whole bunch of brisket to eat.

Jason Glover: Wow.

Marc Drucker: Yeah.

Jason Glover: Hey, look at that mess.

Marc Drucker: Yeah. There you go. So it worked out perfectly.

Jason Glover: That’s perfect.

Marc Drucker: Yeah.

Thank you.

Jason Glover: I’m just wiping my hands off.

Marc Drucker: I do them …

Jason Glover: Oh, you do it that way?

Marc Drucker: Yeah, the back wipe.

And there’s the mac and cheese.

Jason Glover: Wow.

Marc Drucker: There you go. That’s dinner.

Jason Glover: We are actually sitting at the table with the Drucker family, after cooking all day. This brisket, my mouth is salivating. This coleslaw, and the mac and cheese, if my kid was here right now, it would be the best day of his life with that mac and cheese, I can tell you.

And I see that we have some family members now. So, maybe you can help us out, Marc, and introduce us.

Marc Drucker: Sure.

This is my wife, Robyn.

Jason Glover: Hi, Robyn-

Robyn: Hi, Jason.

Jason Glover: How are you?

Robyn: Good, thanks.

Jason Glover: Good, good.

Marc Drucker: And, my daughter, Hannah.

Hannah: Hi.

Jason Glover: So, Hannah. I hear you like to cook, too? Is that right?

Hannah: I like helping my dad.

Jason Glover: Yeah?

I am going to try this coleslaw because this looked really cool. And, it’s not your normal coleslaw, right?

Robyn: No. And, coleslaw stays good for-

Jason Glover: Oh, my God.

Robyn: … a few days, too.

Jason Glover: Let’s try this mac and cheese.

That’s really good.

Marc Drucker: And I’ve also done it where I’ve made the mac and cheese in a muffin pan. So, you cook it for a little bit less time, but it comes out great.

Jason Glover: All right. I got to have some more of this brisket. I’m going for it. It’s really good. I want to have some of that pie.

Robyn: That’s what we’re all waiting for.

Jason Glover: All right. Let’s try it out.

Marc Drucker: All right.

Jason Glover: Let’s give it a whirl.

Marc Drucker: Here comes the fun part.

Jason Glover: The fun part.

Robyn: Watch your head.

Jason Glover: Yeah, watch your head, because you’re gigantic.

Not only is he a Sasquatch, he can cook.

Oh, man. Oh, man. And I like the fact that there’s so much whipped cream on the top.

Robyn: Can I have another bite of yours?

Hannah: No. No.

Jason Glover: Well, thanks. Go and visit the site, dadsthatcook.com, and we’ll see you next time.



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