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Famous Chicken Shawarma and Harissa Aioli with Chef Daniel Asher

Executive Chef & Restauranteur of 6 restaurants in Colorado, husband and amazing father to 5 kids  – Chef Daniel Asher brings us into his private home to teach us his famous recipe for Chicken Shawarma with Harissa Aioli!

Daniel Asher

Executive Chef / Restauranteur

Boulder, CO

Beginning my restaurant journey peeling potatoes for fresh cut fries & washing dishes when I was 14, I’ve been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, always with an emphasis on conscious cuisine.

I’ve worked every position in the BOH & FOH, from line cook to bartender to server to executive chef. Through it all, my philosophy has remained the same; Feed people food that tells a beautiful story. Every moment is an opportunity to define new details of the guest experience; it is their movie that we are helping them to create. I am driven by a desire to source exceptional ingredients from farms, ranchers, growers & producers that care deeply about environmental stewardship & sustainability. I am an advocate of organic agriculture and the local food movement. As a chef & foodservice professional, I have an obligation to make decisions today that will positively impact the culinary world of tomorrow.

Follow Chef Asher and visit his restaurants:
Ash’Kara Boulder –  https://www.ashkarafood.com/boulder
Ash’Kara Denver –  https://www.ashkarafood.com/denver
River and Woods – Boulder https://www.riverandwoodsboulder.com/

Chicken Shawarma with Chef Daniel Asher