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Dads That Cook Rock the House

Dads That Cook Rock the House

The world is changing and the traditional roles of mother and father aren’t so clear cut. There are many stay-at-home dads doing the laundry, cooking the meals and taking care of the kids and for many that could mean domestic bliss. Dads that cook are quickly gaining momentum as society changes its rules and fatherhood expands its boundaries.

How Society Has Changed

The dad had always been thought of the breadwinner. He went to work and came home to dinner and his slippers, teaching the kids about manliness and duty while the mom cleaned the house and went about the daily chores of being a housewife.

Time went on and the Ward Cleaver life was replaced by a household where both parents worked to make ends meet, but still mom was always the go-to person for all things domestic. Honestly, it was unfair, and after a while things started to slowly change again. Dad started taking a more active role in parenting and housework. He helped out with cleaning and dishes and even tried his hand at cooking dinner.

The Modern Dad

Today, the world is made up of a little bit of everything. There are still those homes that have mom as the primary domestic, some that have an equal share between the two and the few that have mom being the breadwinner and dad being the primary caregiver.

Some men feel that being a stay-at-home dad can be emasculating, but gender roles aren’t what they once were. Dad can still do the laundry, take the kids to ballet practice and cook dinner before heading off to the couch to watch the big game.

Dads That Cook

Today, dads have more male cooking role models than at any other time in history. Guy Fieri, Emeril, Bobby Flay and, of course, Gordon Ramsey—these guys show that cooking isn’t a girly activity and is, in fact, a difficult and laborious effort on par with any professional sport. A cook that creates something that they can be proud of gets the same kind of psychological reward as the quarterback that throws the game-winning touchdown.

Dads that cook are a rare breed and deserve respect and honor. For more information about cooking and being a fatherly ovenmaster, visit