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Dads That Cook on the Grill in Bad Weather

Winter is over and the weather is warm enough to get the grill out and enjoy some juicy steaks. We’re just about to become one of a million dads that cook on the grill when clouds start to roll in and rain begins to fall. When we’re done swearing, we realize this is just a minor problem and steel our resolve to cooking in bad weather. Men have been doing this for centuries, but before you do, there are a few tips and warnings you need to know first.

Keep the Grill Outside

You may be tempted to take the grill indoors such as a garage, back porch or even your house; but that’s a bad bad bad idea. Any enclosed space is a smoke and fire hazard. All it takes is one spark or stray flame to set everything on fire. There are way too many YouTube videos of people doing this and all of them end badly. Keep the grill outside and work around the rain. Also, if there is lightning, then skip the grilling. No steak is so tasty that you should risk a lightning strike. While it’s unlikely, there’s no sense in risking it.

Grab an Umbrella

Yes, it’s just that simple. We can use a regular umbrella and have one of the kids hold it; it’s why we had them isn’t it? There are also specially designed grilling umbrellas created just for this purpose. They say necessity is the mother of invention and we should never underestimate the power of grilling outside. There are also grilling islands that are a bit more elaborate, but also more expensive. These all provide good protection from the rain without the worry of catching something on fire.

It May Take Longer

If a grill is going to work, then it needs heat to cook the meat. The heat, from the gas or the coals, heat the entire grill; and if cold rain hits the top of the grill, then it’s going to lower the temperature. It isn’t that big of a deal, but it will take the grill a little longer to cook than normal. Also, if the grill isn’t covered, then the slat on top of the grill to let air in and smoke out has to be closed. Water can get into it and put out the coals and ruin the food. Most grills have multiple air ports, so use them as the primary vent.

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