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Dad’s Cooking His Signature Dish

Every chef, every cook, has a dish that they are known for. It’s the dish that everyone wants them to make because it’s their signature dish. It’s their specialty. When dad’s cooking that special dish everyone shows up to dinner with bells on.

The signature dish doesn’t have to be something special. It just has to be something that you do well and that you can put your own special take on. It can be anything. I know one father that can make a grilled cheese like nobody’s business.

It’s simple, but he makes it a little special by adding a mixture of cheeses. The family starts salivating as soon as they know dad’s making his grilled cheese. Another dad I know specializes in omelets. He doesn’t do anything special to them, but has this knack for cooking them perfectly.

Sometimes the signature dish doesn’t have to be special at all, but just something that means a lot. I know a father that spends a lot of time working. He works a swing shift and sometimes doesn’t get home until 1 a.m.

As you might think, everyone is in bed, so if he’s hungry, he’ll fry up some hamburgers. Sometimes, his kids will wake up and smell the burgers cooking and come down the stairs. They see their dad over the stove with a spatula and he just smiles and gets out some more hamburger.

To the kids, those hamburgers are the best in the world.  The dad doesn’t do anything special except add a little salt and pepper seasoning and toast the buns, but for an hour or so, they’re spending one-on-one time with their dad.

They don’t get to see him very much and chatting about school over those burgers means everything in the world to them.

Cooking is so much more than just the act of making food. It’s something that brings people together. There’s a reason why food is at most events and parties. Every dad should have that signature dish. Pick something and practice or just let it develop naturally over time.

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