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Dads Cooking Roasted Chicken

Dads cooking around America will appreciate the humor in my failed roasted chicken attempts. My wife always made it look so easy. Seriously? How hard could this be? You coat the bird with butter and seasonings and throw it in the oven. What seemed like a simple process turned into my kryptonite. This bird would either come out dry and chewy or it would come out pink around the breast. I began to loathe the bird. Yet, I could not let the bird beat me.

This is what I learned.

Butter Is a Good Thing

When making a roasted chicken, you want to butter, and butter the heck out of, the chicken. Just when you think you got all the butter on the chicken, lift up the skin and shove some butter between the skin and the meat. You can’t have too much butter.

Chickens Need a Massage

Yeah, they are picky, and they want a massage or they will be tough. So, after buttering the chicken up, massage all the seasonings into the chicken. It really doesn’t matter what seasonings you like, because the flavor profile doesn’t matter, as long as you rub it in nice and good.

Roasted Chickens Need a Bed

If you do not want the underside of the chicken to be soggy and inedible, then you will need to create a bed of vegetables for the chicken to lie on. This is simple enough to do. Just figure out what vegetables you want with your chicken, and lay them down nice and neat, and pile them high enough so the chicken will not lay in its own juices while it cooks.

Stuff It

I am not suggesting you put store-bought stuffing inside. I am suggesting you add some flavor into the middle, like a lemon slice, garlic, or some onion. Just a little flavor in the middle will penetrate to give it a nice flavor for everyone to enjoy.