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Dads Cooking Like MacGyver

What kid didn’t want to grow up and be like MacGyver? He was able to foil terrorists with nothing but a bottle of Preparation H and some tennis balls. He always got the girl, and even his food was amazing. He was somehow always able to make a four course meal with nothing but shoe leather and potato skins. There’s no reason why a dad’s cooking has to be boring and unimaginative, especially if you channel your inner MacGyver when you’re preparing meals. There are some common pitfalls that you can avoid by using your noggin, no Preparation H needed.

Never Let Them See You Cry

Nothing makes a man look like he’s been watching a Lifetime movie marathon more than chopping and cutting up onions. I’ve bawled like a little baby from their fumes. Not only does it make you cry, but your eyes are burning and God forbid you use your hand to wipe the tears and end up getting onion juice in your eyes. Avoid this by putting them in the freezer and letting the juices get cold. This will lessen the impact on your eyes. You can also try cutting them under water to eliminate any threat of the dreaded onion tears.

Stop Off at the Gas Station

Beans are a wonderful and healthy food, but they have this problematic after-effect of making you pass some serious gas. Mexican food night is everyone’s favorite until you start clearing the room about two hours later. The problem is the beans have sugars in them that are very difficult to digest. Basically, your body spends so much effort on breaking them down that gas is the byproduct. Stop this my soaking the beans in water for several hours. This helps to break down the sugars and makes the beans practically fart free.

Savior of the Soaked Bun

I love cooking hamburgers regardless if it’s on the stove or on the grill. Beef, even when you get lean, is still greasy—and too often, people plop burgers on the bun directly after the stove. A soaking soggy bun is disgusting, but how else are you going to somehow save that little bit of flavorful grease and keep your bun dry? Before you put that patty on the bun, lay down a layer of lettuce. Odds are you put the lettuce on top along with the other condiments, but by putting it on the bottom, you’re creating a barrier. The lettuce will hold the grease and keep your bun from getting soggy.

I can’t help but think even MacGyver himself would be proud of how we avoided some of these common kitchen pitfalls. For more info on dads cooking, visit www.dadsthatcook.com.