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Dad Cooks a Thanksgiving Ham

When it comes to Thanksgiving, there is one particular bird that tends to get all the press. Turkey is the food of choice for Thanksgiving, but not everyone likes the bird. When dad cooks, we make sure to have a ham option for all those turkey haters out there.

Choosing a Thanksgiving Ham

There are two different types of ham you can get on Thanksgiving: fresh and precooked. Precooked ham is the easiest to prepare, since there is no chance of undercooking. On the other hand, raw ham needs to be thoroughly cooked and checked with a meat thermometer. Since fresh ham is a pain and precooked ham can be just as good, I suggest just using a precooked ham. It’s not worth the risk of undercooking a fresh ham even if you are using a meat thermometer. The last thing anyone wants to be remembered for is being the host who sent everyone to the ER. No one is thankful for salmonella…no matter what the holiday.

Preparing the Holiday Ham

Place the precooked and thawed ham into a shallow roasting pan. (We get disposable pans so we don’t have to worry about the cleanup.) With a knife, cut ¼-inch diamond shapes into the ham. This helps trap in the moisture. Pour two cups of apple cider over the ham and two cups of orange juice. Preheat an oven to 325 degrees and cover the ham lightly with aluminum foil. Let it cook for about an hour.

Glazing the Ham

In a bowl, mix ¼ cup of brown sugar, 1/3 cup of orange marmalade, ¼ Dijon mustard and ¼ teaspoon of ginger. Take the ham out of the oven and brush the glaze over it. Return it to the oven for another hour, making sure to occasionally apply the glaze. When a meat thermometer reads 140 degrees, the ham is uniformly hot and ready to eat. No one wants to eat a ham that’s cold in the center, so checking the temp is wise. Since the ham is precooked, it is still edible cold but it’s just a party foul.

If you’re looking for more great ham recipes, or even turkey; then explore dadsthatcook.com and see what we’re all about.