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Dad Cooking Tips: Knock Lasagna Out of the Park

Dad Cooking Tips: Knock Lasagna Out of the Park

Nothing says Dad cooking for the family like a steaming pile of lasagna. It is the kind of stick-to-your ribs food that makes you feel like curling up underneath a blanket for a mid-afternoon nap at home. The words family gathering waft up with the scent of melted cheese. I don’t even remember seeing lasagna on a restaurant’s menu. That’s how downhome it is.

It’s time. It is time for us Dads that cook to step up to the plate to make this deliciously dense dish. By making lasagna, we are announcing to the world that we are a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen.

Now, there are a million different recipes for lasagna, and we are not about to attempt to list them. We don’t want to get into a turf war about which recipe for lasagna is best. That would get way too personal, as recipes tend to run through generations and families. But we can go over the three best tips for preparing the almighty family meal.

Here are three ways to make lasagna like a professional Italian godfather.

No Boil = No Problem

Using boiled noodles in lasagna tends to make the entire dish a little mushy. The no-boil noodles will cook along with the other ingredients when you go to bake the dish. They also tend to sop up the juices and flavors of the added ingredients, making for a well-rounded dish. Just make sure not to use too much sauce or the noodles could get a little soggy.

Preparation is Key

Lasagna is like running a marathon: you need to pace yourself. Make the lasagna a day ahead of time or make it the morning before the night you intend to serve it. Then let it cool completely. Now, the whole dish can be warmed back up gently. Don’t scorch the reheat. The cheese inside the dish can “break” and become runny. Go at a turtle’s pace with this family belly buster.

Uncover at the End

You’re probably going to bake the dish covered for quite a long while. But, right toward the end, pull the cover off the dish so that the cheese gets a bit brown on the top. Do this with about 20 minutes to go in the cooking time for a slightly browned crust of cheese, giving the lasagna delectable texture.

Keep stepping up to the plate in the kitchen by learning more tips at DadsThatCook.com.