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Dad Cooking Tip: Potato Chip Alternatives

Potato chips are one of the most popular snacks in the world, with millions being eaten every year—but they are about as healthy as a deep fried stick of butter. Get your kids off the chips by letting them watch dad cooking some of these tasty and healthier alternatives. Then they can grow up without knowing the embarrassment of orange-tinged, cheese powder covered fingers.

Fruit and Vegetable Chips

Bananas, apples, carrots and other fruits and vegetables can easily be converted into a crispy chip-like form with a little roasting. What’s great about fruit and vegetable chips is that they are naturally flavored and tasty, so they don’t need all that cheese-like powder that regular chips do. You don’t really think that’s actually sour cream and chives do you? Odds are it’s some unpronounceable chemical from a laboratory and you don’t want that circulating through your body. You don’t have to stick with the standard fruits and vegetables, either. You’d be surprised how tasty kale chips can actually be. Everyone needs to eat more fruits and vegetables, so why not sneak them in where the chips used to go.

Pita Chips

If your kids are dying for something fried, then why not break a little bread…literally. Pitas are a healthy flatbread that many people enjoy using for sandwiches like gyros. They are also tasty when deep fried and much healthier than a starchy potato. Simply cut the pitas into triangles like traditional tortilla chips and deep fry. If you want to maximize the health factor, then choose whole-wheat pitas. Pita chips have a good natural flavor, but also complement a wide variety of spices. The chips are tasty with a little salt and pepper or you can add some cayenne to give it a kick.


Trying to convince your kids that soybean-based tofu is a tasty alternative to Super Baked Potato Magnifico Potato Chips might be a hard sell, but all you have to do is get them to try it. Tofu chips are very bland, so can be combined with just about anything from dips to spices. They are great for really bringing out the flavor of seven-layer dips and they are full of protein and low in fat. You might just want to wait until after they eat your creation to tell them what it’s made of.

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