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Dad Cooking a Gingerbread House – EPIC

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a few gingerbread houses decorating the landscape. These edible edifices don’t have to be your run of the mill single-story ranch, especially when you’ve got dad cooking. We build things. We make them better. We make them awesome. It doesn’t matter if we’re tweaking the timing of a Camaro or putting the finishing touches on a multi-story gingerbread tenement. Sure, you could just make a gingerbread house from one of those packets, put a few broken candy cane pieces on it and call it a day…or…you can turn it into a worthy dad domicile.

Architectural Flourishes

A house is more than just four walls and a roof. If you want to make an epic gingerbread house for the ages, then throw away the instructions and go rogue with a few extras. Got a few of those thick peppermint sticks around? Can you say Greek columns? If you’re handy with some spun sugar, then melt it down for some real windows. A wraparound porch using royal icing and pretzel sticks can give it that southern flare. Do a little research and create a gingerbread cathedral complete with flying buttresses. When it comes to being a dad, the sky’s the limit.

Dad Has the Power

It’s a wonderful life, George Bailey, so why settle for a dark gingerbread house when you can add a little light to the situation. This takes a little forethought, but it can take your house to the next level. If you plan on having windows using simple cutouts or sugar, then consider placing a string of Christmas LED lights on the inside. Before you connect the last side of the house using the royal icing, make sure to thread the cord of the lights through and then add the icing. The icing will harden and you’ll still have a way to plug it in. Always use LED lights and not a standard light bulb. Regular bulbs heat up and can actually burn the inside of the house or even melt the spun sugar windows.

Get Your Motor Runnin’

Alright dads, start your engines. We don’t like to do things half way. For us dads, it’s go big or go home. If you’re handy with electronics and small motors, then you can create some movable edible creations to add that extra special touch to your gingerbread mansion…don’t dare call it a house. Small motor assemblies can provide movement such as a spinning graham cracker gazebos or circling ice skaters on a spun sugar pond. The good thing about these small motors is they are generally battery driven, so you won’t need to find an electrical source. Just remember to keep an access point for the on/off switch and battery in case you need to replace it.

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