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Cooking with Dad Should Be Fun

No kid or wife will complain about cooking with dad in the kitchen because, let’s face it, we make cooking fun. Cooking, for us, is an adventure and we are more than willing to let the laughter fly no matter what we are making. Dads tend to take cooking a little less seriously than say…moms. We use cookbooks more as guidelines and if there is a little… or a big mess…it not the end of the world.

Jokes Are Allowed in Dad’s Kitchen

When dad cooks, we do it with flair. I love to make jokes and exaggerated movements when my kids are in there with me. I make quite the production of flipping pancakes and actually hit the pan more than half the time. My favorite fun activity with the kids is to create our own cooking show. We act and talk like there is a camera and we have to explain to the audience what we are doing. Yes, I make the Julia Child’s voice as well. We toss dough balls back and forth and my house is filled with fun and laughter.

When it comes right down to it, that’s what it’s all about. Kids aren’t kids forever and soon they’ll be brooding teenagers listening to loud music and pining after the blond in science class. When they’re young, you’re Superman and Batman all rolled into one and they love doing stuff with you, especially if it involves making faces out of frosting. There is so much fun and laughter when I cook because while I want to make what I am cooking tasty, I want to make the experience fun as well.

Crucial Points to Remember

When you’re having fun in the kitchen, it’s easy for things to get out of hand. The excitement builds up, energy levels rise and soon your kids are bouncing off the walls. As the parent, we have to make sure everything that’s going on is safe. If you’re trying to be funny while making pancakes or anything else on the stove, make sure the kids are nowhere near you. All knives and sharp objects should be put away.

You also need to clean up when you’re done. That includes not only the messes on the floors, stove, ceiling, etc., but also all the dishes. For more information about cooking with dad, visit dadsthatcook.com.