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Why Children Like Cooking with Daddy

Why Children Like Cooking with Daddy

We spend the majority of our lives molding our children into the proper adults they are to become. In between, we try to have as much fun quality time with them as possible, because we realize they won’t be children forever. Cooking with daddy is always a fun thing for the kids to do and they love every minute of it. We may often wonder what makes cooking with us so special. Well, there are many reasons why that’s true, but some of the most common reasons are below.

One-on-One Time

We don’t want to work. We’d much rather spend our days and nights together as a family, but life doesn’t work out that way. If we want to keep a roof over our heads, then we have to work and when we aren’t working, we’re fixing the roof and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get an hour or two for ourselves.  When we’re in the kitchen making dinner, it’s one of the few times the kids can have some one-on-one time with the old man. It doesn’t matter if they’re fetching ingredients or helping prepare, they enjoy spending time with us. They may not even admit it, but they do.

Seeing Dad Out of His Element

Unless we’re the primary cooks of the house, we spend more time out of the kitchen than in. While we may be comfortable sitting in the garage fiddling with our tools, the kitchen isn’t our most proficient domain. In fact, it could be a disaster and that’s what they’re waiting for. It’s not malicious, but it is fun to watch us flounder about trying to look like we know what we’re doing when we don’t. We use the wrong measuring cups and can’t figure out a teaspoon from a tablespoon, but we’ll make a valiant effort. The kids love seeing us out of our element and will even help us out when we’re sufficiently lost.

Learning from the Best

They could spend hours sitting in front of the television, listening to experts on the Food Network telling them how to fix the perfect dish of the day; but actually watching it being done by dad just seems right. They learn the majority of how to live from their parents, so it’s only natural that watching dad cook dinner, and even helping out with it, will be the main way they learn how to cook.

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