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When Cooking With Daddy Just Isn’t Possible

When Cooking With Daddy Just Isn’t Possible

One day I was in the kitchen making dinner when my kid came up and asked me to help with the cooking. Cooking with daddy has always been a favorite pastime in my house, but I had three pots on the stove, a baking dish in the oven, I was cutting vegetables, washing other vegetables and it just wasn’t a great place for a small child to be. One small slip and we’re on the way to the ER.

When we dads are faced with this dilemma, it’s best to handle it a certain way to make sure the child’s feelings aren’t hurt. She may be too young to understand or believe that, despite their age, she can handle it.

Letting Them Down Easy

The first thing we do is explain to her gently exactly what the problem is. That means stopping everything and giving the child 100 percent of our attention. She appreciates it. Trying to tell her while stirring soup or chopping celery isn’t going to cut it. Odds are that even after an explanation, she isn’t going to be too happy about it. She just want to spend time with us and this is usually a perfect opportunity. Whatever you do, don’t get mad or impatient no matter how pouty or argumentative she may get.

Give Them Something To Do

The child is probably sad after being told she can’t be in the kitchen. Give her something to do outside the kitchen, possibly the dining room. Why not let her set the table? By giving her a job to do, she gets that opportunity to make you proud and feels like she got some quality dad time. When it comes right down to it, all children want to do is make us proud and happy. They get a major self-esteem boost doing things with and for us. We should never forget how important we are in their lives.

Thank Them

Once dinner has been made and everyone is at the table. Take a second before everyone starts to eat to publicly thank her for all her help. She’ll be beaming with pride as everyone at the table claps for her.

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