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Cooking Classes For Dads: Decorating After-School Snack Cookies

Cooking Classes For Dads: Decorating After-School Snack Cookies

Back to school means after-school snacks, and the Cleavers aren’t the only ones that like a house smelling like cookies. Cooking with dad is a popular after school activity in our house and the smell of cookies can relieve much of the stress of new classes, new schools, and all the newness of back to school activities.

Make the Cookies Before the Kids Get Home

Most of the fun of making cookies comes from decorating and eating the cookies. Actually making, baking and waiting for the cookies to cool is not so much fun. However, coming home to a house that smells of cookies is fun. So a dad cooking cookies before the kids get home, and having the cookies already cooled and ready to decorate, scores major points.

Lots of Icings and Lots of Options Equal Success

Going back to school is really stressful. Think about our first days on a new job, and we can relate to what the kids are going through. Our sweet princess who normally only likes pink and polka dots may be in a foul mood and only want dark colors at this time. It is best just to go with it, and not press or ask about her sudden change in color choice. Success comes from letting them decorate however they feel and letting them express themselves and sharing only when they feel comfortable.

Freeze Some Batter for Later

In our house, frozen cookie dough doesn’t have to come in a package. We make that same log ourselves by rolling up our own cookie dough in some plastic wrap. Whatever we don’t use, we put in the middle of some plastic wrap and roll into a log. Then, we wrap the ends like a candy wrapper and freeze. Later, we sneak down to the kitchen and eat it raw or make some more cookies.

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