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Cook Like A Man: Plan Valentine’s Day Now

Unless we want to spend a few days in the doghouse, it’s about time to start planning for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is the biggest holiday for couples and ruining it is a nightmare best not even considered. It’s still about three weeks out, but if we want this to be one for the record books or cook like a man, then the planning starts now. A last minute bouquet of flowers leftover from the grocery store and some frozen chicken parmigiana aren’t going to cut it.

Confirm the Babysitter

Valentine’s Day is big for everyone. That includes grandparents and other babysitters. If they don’t have plans themselves, every couple under the sun is calling and confirming availability. Start calling for babysitters now. If we’re lucky, then we’ll still be able to get one. No one wants to have the kids along for a romantic Valentine’s Day date.

Plan the Evening

If we plan on going out, then get the reservations now. If we want a restaurant, then reserve a table. If we want to go to an event or concert, then get the tickets now. Whatever event or restaurant, we want to go to will already have received requests for reservations. Do not wait until the last minute. This goes for the gift as well. If you need to order it online, then make sure there is plenty of time for it to get here. We don’t want to give her a picture of the earrings that will be coming in the next few days.

Cooking means starting now

If your Valentine’s Day date night involves a romantic meal, then start the planning and execution now. You need to know exactly what you’re going to serve and not just the main course. You’ll need an appetizer, main course, sides and dessert. This could be a major undertaking. If you’re doing something complex, then you want to make sure all the ingredients are available locally. If not, then order them online. While the fresh ingredients like veggies and meat can only be purchased a few days before, spices, cooking utensils, etc. can be bought and stored ahead of time.

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