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Cook Like A Man: Find the Perfect Steak

Cook Like A Man: Find the Perfect Steak

When you head to the store to find a steak for grilling, they kind of all look the same. It’s easy to get confused when determining what makes one cut of beef better than another. However, this is an important skill to learn since steak is expensive and you will want the best meat at the best price. The last thing anyone wants is to pay top dollar for a steak that is tough and flavorless.

To cook like a man, you’ll want to follow these tips to pick out the perfect steak.

What Cut is The Best?

With so many cuts from filet to New York Strip, how can you know what they mean? The most expensive cut is the filet and for good reason. It practically falls off your fork when cooked right. Less expensive cuts, such as the sirloin, can cook well if it has good marbling. (We’ll get into that next.) However, if you’re looking for a good grilling steak, then a ribeye is one of the best.  But don’t be afraid to experiment with different cuts to see which ones you like the best.

The Benefits of Marbling

Marbling is the thin vein-like areas of fat in meat and is one of the prime criteria for a good cut of meat. The veins have a marble pattern, hence the name. This does not include the outside layers of fat, which can be trimmed off of the meat. The more marbling in the meat, the more flavor it will have because fat is a big component of flavor. Meats with little marbling usually turn out tougher and bland, but not always. For example, the tenderloin is very tender, but lacks marbling. However, this is more of an exception than a rule.

USDA Ratings

The United States Department of Agriculture has special ratings for meat that shows quality.

•    The very best is USDA Prime and only 2.5% of meant in the whole country gets this rating. This is the best of the best and the most expensive of all the classes.
•    If you can’t find or afford Prime, then you’ll want USDA Choice, which is high quality with less marbling. Choice meat is good for grilling, but will have less flavor and tenderness than USDA Prime.
•    If you’re looking for a meat to marinade, then you can go with USDA Select, but not anything less. Select is not very tender and needs the marinade to soften and flavor it up.

If you’re looking for steak recipes or more grilling info, then explore dadsthatcook.com.