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Cook Like A Man: Barbecuing with Tinfoil

That little tube of tin foil in the cabinet probably doesn’t get much use in your household. It’s hard to cook like a man when you’re trying to gauge exactly how to cut it off without using a pair of tin snips.

However, when it comes to barbecuing, tin foil can become man’s best friend because of its versatility and ability to cook items evenly. It’s time to fire up that grill, grab the tin foil and begin your new grilling adventure.

Cleanliness – Tin Foil Keeps More than Pans Clean

There is just something so right about the way meat sizzles when it hits a hot grill. We love the look of those blackened grill marks, but who wants to spend 20 minutes cleaning off the grill top. And brats are especially notorious for turning our grills into blackened masses of congealed fat and grease. How would you like to never have to worry about that again?

Line the grill with tin foil and the fat won’t have the opportunity to touch the actual grill metal. When you’re done cooking, just throw the tin foil away and you grill is clean and ready for the next round.

Cooking Small Items or Groups

We love the idea of finding new ways to cook food on the grill and with tin foil that number grows significantly. Small items like french fries, cut vegetables, etc. are too small to cook on the grill itself without falling into the crevices and into your coals. By wrapping the items in tin foil, you eliminate this problem; and you can also keep the items from drying out. Here’s how:

Wrap the items and place an ice cube or a tab of cold butter in the foil packet. As the tin foil pack cooks, the butter or ice will melt and keep the food moist and delicious.

Tin Foil Cooks Items Evenly

One of the biggest problems with grilling is uneven cooking. One area can be getting a high amount of heat and another can get far less. This can seriously impact your cooking times, as well as have some areas of a steak cooking faster than another. Tin foil helps eliminate that. The heat from the flame hits the tin foil and then, radiates across it. It’s not perfect and there will be some areas that are hotter than others, but overall it does a great job of spreading the available heat evenly.

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