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Christmas Cranberry Pound Cake by Daddy

loaf of pound cake on wooden cutting board

Cranberry Pound Cake for Christmas This Daddy in the kitchen recipe is a cranberry pound cake. While the kids call it “Daddy in the kitchen”, kids are welcome to help with this recipe too. Kids love to measure, and there is a lot of that to do with this recipe, so you can bake as … Read more

Dads that Cook Crockpot Dinners Go on Santa’s Good List

It’s not easy being a dad. We’re constantly being pulled from one place to other during the holidays by our jobs, wives, kids, etc. If you’re one of the many dads that cook during the holidays, then that’s one more thing that’s diverting your attention. You may love to cook, but who has the time … Read more

Cooking For the Family: Spice Up Grilled Cheese

One of the staple foods of any dad cooking for the family is the classic grilled cheese. It’s fast, it’s easy and boy is it tasty. Odds are your mom or dad taught you the same way to cook grilled cheese as everyone else. You heat a pan on the stove or use a hot … Read more

Back To School – Easy Family Dinners!!

The kids are finally back at school, so that means we finally have our mornings and afternoons back. We can start making plans and getting work done, but we still need easy dinner ideas. Don’t fret about getting it all done when you can make easy family dinners with little effort — thanks to your … Read more

Easy Chimichurri Sauce for Dads that Cook

Homemade Green Chimichurri Sauce

Every man wants to be known as the master of meat. That is why Dads that cook love to grill. Everything about grilling meat appeals to our primal sensibilities; the sear of the slab; the smell in the air; the vindication of manliness. It’s enough to beat your chest and grunt. But it can be … Read more

Fourth of July Man Cooking Ideas

Family Celebrating 4Th Of July

Patriotism is something that resonates deeply within each of us dads, so when the birth of our nation comes around, we like to go all out. When there is a man cooking Fourth of July treats, we know it’s going to be awesome. On that day, we take a little more pride in what we … Read more

Dads that Cook Love Meat Juice (Aus Jus)

Small glass bowl of Au Jus sitting on stack of cheddar surrounded

We’ve all enjoyed meat juice at one time or another. We’ve taken a French bread sandwich and dipped it into that cup of thin, hot, brown liquid. That meat juice melts into your sandwich, enhancing its flavor and giving that French bread a dynamic texture. But you probably know meat juice by its culinary name … Read more

Easy Recipes For Man-Sized Summer Drinks

Black and Tan Beer

Summer is the ideal party time and everyone likes coming over for some grilled steaks and some cold drinks. While many people are happy with a bottle of cold beer, there are others that like something a little different. It’s always a good idea to have a few easy recipes for cold summer drinks to … Read more

Quick Dinner Ideas: Grilling the Perfect Pizza

Pizza Cooking On Charcoal Grill

I love grilling. It’s the perfect way to cook meat and vegetables, but have you ever tried grilling a pizza? Grilling pizza is a quick dinner idea that will win over your family. The only problem is you’ll never be able to eat a cardboard pizza in the oven again; then again, that’s not such … Read more

Easy Recipes For Picnics: Homemade Guacamole

Peppers and cilantro

Along with grilling, summer is also the ideal time for picnics, potlucks and family reunions where everyone brings their favorite dish to pass. Dads like us want easy recipes that we can throw together quickly because we’ve got a hundred other thing to do as well. We have to pack the silverware and the plates … Read more