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Experimenting in the Kitchen while Cooking with Daddy

There’s this trick that authors and screenwriters use. They trick the audience into loving a character, no matter how flawed that character has been. A trick that cooking with daddy can use in their own life. Storytellers make you think someone is one-dimensional. And then, bam! They hit with you with an unsuspecting bit of information that makes the character mysterious, multidimensional and loveable. Just picture a warrior. He doesn’t speak much. He’s mean. He always gets the job done and expects others to keep their word. Others fear him. But then, you see him nurse a wounded dog back …

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Cook Like A Man: Barbecuing with Tinfoil


That little tube of tin foil in the cabinet probably doesn’t get much use in your household. It’s hard to cook like a man when you’re trying to gauge exactly how to cut it off without using a pair of tin snips. However, when it comes to barbecuing, tin foil can become man’s best friend because of its versatility and ability to cook items evenly. It’s time to fire up that grill, grab the tin foil and begin your new grilling adventure. Cleanliness – Tin Foil Keeps More than Pans Clean There is just something so right about the way …

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Men Cooking Steak in a Pan…What!!!!!

When it comes to men cooking steak, it’s almost a sacrilege to do anything off the grill. I agree that there is little better than that smoky grilled taste of a well-cooked steak, but we can’t always do it. Maybe the grill is broken and you’ve got some rib eyes in the fridge that need to be cooked right away or a thunderstorm has completely ruined any chance of grilling. Pan searing a steak may not be the rugged manly way of doing it, but you can still make an amazing steak with a little butter and some excellent timing. …

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Cooking Dad: Staying Away From Processed Food

Junk Food Word Cloud Concept In Red Caps

It’s easy. It’s fast. We know it’s not the best for our family, but having it every now and then shouldn’t be a big deal. A cooking dad not only has to deal with the rigors of life and job, but creating a meal that isn’t made up of food-like substances. We all know that Mother Nature is best, but when we’ve been working all day and still have a million things to do, it’s easier to make something that came out of a test tube. The scary part is that most of the time, we don’t even think about …

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Supper Ideas: Getting What You Want For Father’s Day

Father And Little Son Celebrating Father's Day And Eating Ice Cr

Father’s Day is all about us. It’s the one day of the year that we can do no wrong and everyone tries to make us happy. When it comes to supper ideas for Dad’s Day, it should be simply whatever we want. It doesn’t matter if it’s beef wellington or cardboard pizza; if we want it, then we get it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go this way. The family wants to make something special, so they do their own thing, but there are ways to make our needs known without being pushy. The Hint A few days before the big …

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Man Cooking: How To Cook With A Smoker

Man Holding Charcoal

You may be a master griller, but a man cooking on a smoker is a completely different situation. A smoker is designed to slowly infuse the flavor of the wood into the meat through the smoke. There are many different types of smokers from the small backyard variety to the pull-behind a car type that people use in competitions. We’ll stick with the smaller variety, as that’s the type you’re most likely to have. Choose Your Wood Perhaps the most important aspect of smoking meat is the type of wood you choose. Some woods will burn fast and some will …

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Cook Like A Man: Find the Perfect Steak

Women seasoning meat on outdoor garden barbecue while man turns

When you head to the store to find a steak for grilling, they kind of all look the same. It’s easy to get confused when determining what makes one cut of beef better than another. However, this is an important skill to learn since steak is expensive and you will want the best meat at the best price. The last thing anyone wants is to pay top dollar for a steak that is tough and flavorless. To cook like a man, you’ll want to follow these tips to pick out the perfect steak. What Cut is The Best? With so …

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Tip of the Day! How to Freeze your Herbs

How to Freeze Your Herbs

Dads That Cook  – Tip of The Day: How to Freeze Herbs – Chop them up and mix them with olive oil or butter in an ice cube tray and freeze. Freezing them in olive oil prevents the herbs from getting freezer burn or turning brown. When you need them for pastas, roasts, or sautéing veggies, you can just pop out what you need and throw it in the pan or pot. Such an easy way to keep your herbs fresh!

Why Children Like Cooking with Daddy

Children Cooking with Daddy

We spend the majority of our lives molding our children into the proper adults they are to become. In between, we try to have as much fun quality time with them as possible, because we realize they won’t be children forever. Cooking with daddy is always a fun thing for the kids to do and they love every minute of it. We may often wonder what makes cooking with us so special. Well, there are many reasons why that’s true, but some of the most common reasons are below. One-on-One Time We don’t want to work. We’d much rather spend …

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Dads Cooking Like MacGyver

What kid didn’t want to grow up and be like MacGyver? He was able to foil terrorists with nothing but a bottle of Preparation H and some tennis balls. He always got the girl, and even his food was amazing. He was somehow always able to make a four course meal with nothing but shoe leather and potato skins. There’s no reason why a dad’s cooking has to be boring and unimaginative, especially if you channel your inner MacGyver when you’re preparing meals. There are some common pitfalls that you can avoid by using your noggin, no Preparation H needed. …

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