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Easy Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftover Breakfast

Omelet with meat and vegetables

The day after Thanksgiving is never easy. We’ve got pounds of leftover everything and know that we’ll be eating turkey and mashed potatoes for at least a week or two. We’re exhausted from the weeks of preparation and execution and the last thing we want to do is think about breakfast. I mean, the tryptophan has barely had time to wear off. Luckily, we have easy recipes which dads can do to make breakfast great and take out a few leftovers. Plus, these are easy meals for kids. Turkey Breakfast Biscuits We all have left over rolls and biscuits after …

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Kid Friendly Recipes for Thanksgiving Fun

Portrait of funny kids eating sweet pie on background of their p

While we run about the kitchen like chickens with our heads cut off trying to fry a turkey, get the stuffing prepared and make sure Aunt Mildred isn’t smoking in the bathroom again, it’s easy to forget what the holiday is all about…family. Kid friendly recipes are an easy way to connect with our children and let them prepare a little bit of the holiday feast. Odds are what they do isn’t going to be pretty, but anything that brings us closer to our family and takes one more thing off our plate for Thanksgiving is nice. Mashed Potatoes Mashed …

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Easy Family Recipes for Thanksgiving with Little Prep Time

Celebrate Thanksgiving On The Last Thursday In November With A H

I know that Thanksgiving day, and even the days leading up to it, can be hectic. There’s a ton of preparation for the family gathering. There are decorations, making sure we don’t sit your weird Uncle Mel next to odd cousin Steve, etc. As the day approaches, we need easy family recipes for side dishes that don’t take a lot of time to cook, but look and taste great. Anything to make those last few days go a little easier is definitely appreciated. Mashed Sweet Potatoes I know growing up, my family’s Thanksgiving dinner always included sweet potatoes. I remember …

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What To Cook For Dinner: Fried Turkey

Deep Fried Turkey

One of the great things about Thanksgiving holidays, besides the tryptophan coma, is that you always know what to cook for dinner. There will be some variation of turkey unless you’re a vegetarian then it’s turkey shaped tofu. One of the most popular ways for us manly men to cook turkeys is to turn off the oven and break out a massive deep fryer. The problem is deep frying a turkey can be dangerous and, through the years, has caused many serious burns. If you don’t want to spend your Thanksgiving in the ER, then follow these directions. Preparing a …

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Dads That Cook Desserts: Cake Decorating Essentials

So, the little one is begging for that Superman cake he saw on Pinterest the other day and we’re expected to put something together by the weekend. It sounds like an episode of Mission Impossible complete with exploding mission instructions, but for dads that cook desserts this is a common occurrence. Tools of the Trade If you’re going to make an elaborate cake, then you’re going to need the tools. Simply using a regular spatula to move around the frosting will result in one of the Pinterest fails everyone loves on Facebook. Professional Cake Pans – Actual cake pans are …

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You’ll Find Men Cooking More than Turkeys this Thanksgiving

Men cooking the Thanksgiving turkey is nothing new. If you’re a Dad that enjoys cooking, you don’t have to stop there, though. The holiday is right around the corner and with a variety of classic and contemporary recipes to attempt, you’ll be able to try out your cooking skills with family and friends. What are men cooking this holiday season? Don’t be nervous Dad; you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when cooking your Thanksgiving feast this year. With an endless supply of recipes for scrumptious sides and delectable desserts to choose from, you’ll have plenty of variety. And …

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Cooking with Dad on Thanksgiving

Cooking with Dad is a great way to share recipes and create memories for your kids, but what about getting your own dad involved? When you add holidays and tradition in the mix, you’re guaranteed to create magic in the kitchen. It’s the time of year when cooking probably includes a meal that’s warm and comforting. It’s that time of year when your winter wear gets pulled out of the closet and the leaves crunch under your feet. The time has come for Thanksgiving and the memories you’ll create in the kitchen will last a lifetime. Cooking with Dad on …

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