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Freshness Counts for Dads that Cook

When your kids get older, you find yourself heading out to the four corners of the earth taking them to everything from soccer practice to ballet recitals. There’s hardly time to breathe, let alone creating the healthy meals that dads that cook would like to. It’s easy to forego the fresh fruit and veggies in favor of canned pasta or microwave meals, but processed foods aren’t going to have the vitamins and minerals that the fresh food does. In fact, processed foods, while usually inexpensive and quick to eat, are filled with preservatives and other chemicals that you don’t want …

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Dads Cooking Roasted Chicken

Dads cooking around America will appreciate the humor in my failed roasted chicken attempts. My wife always made it look so easy. Seriously? How hard could this be? You coat the bird with butter and seasonings and throw it in the oven. What seemed like a simple process turned into my kryptonite. This bird would either come out dry and chewy or it would come out pink around the breast. I began to loathe the bird. Yet, I could not let the bird beat me. This is what I learned. Butter Is a Good Thing When making a roasted chicken, …

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Dads Cooking with Pears…Say What?

Dads cooking with pears may seem like something out of a badly written Hallmark movie, but in reality pears offer a great taste and texture that few other fruits possess. While many people prefer to use apples for cooking, the pear is actually a very fitting alternative. You can pretty much substitute pears in any recipe that calls for apples. Also, don’t forget that pears are pretty awesome as a standalone, but there are a few tips and tricks you should know. The Right Pear for the Job Much like there are many different types of apples out there, there …

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Cook Like A Man: Tasty Fall Desserts

homemade pecan pie isolated on black background

Fall is the perfect time for indulging in some great tasting desserts. Let’s skip the pumpkin because we’ll get enough of that next month. You can cook like a man and still satiate your sweet tooth with these delicious fall desserts. They’re super tasty and have no calories. Ok, that’s a total lie, but when you’re dealing with this much decadence, you need a little reassurance. Honeyed Pear Pastry While this time of year is known for pumpkins and apples, it’s also the tail end of the pear season, so why not try this dessert. You’ll need four small pears, …

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Easy Meals For Kids: Grilled Fruit

We’re men and we love meat. When spring hits, the grill comes out and anything in the meat department is fair game; but the grill can be for so much more. If you’re looking for an easy meal for kids, then try grilling some fruit. The heat caramelizes the sugars and adds to the smoky flavor for a taste we won’t find anywhere else. Fruits Perfect For Grilling Just like you can cook almost any meat from cow to caribou on a grill, almost any fruit can have a grilled counterpart. We know how good apples are inside of a …

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What To Cook For Dinner: A Healthy Happy New Year

Many people like to start off the New Year by making resolutions to make their life better in some way. For some, it’s doing more exercise or spending less time at work and for others it’s eating healthier. When you need to decide what to cook for dinner, think about that resolution you made and start making healthier decisions. I can guarantee you will begin feeling better and ready to take on the world. Use Less Oil Oil is fat and while it helps keep things from sticking and can add a little flavor to certain foods, it doesn’t outweigh …

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4 Tips to Help Dad Cooking on the Grill

Grill Basket

Dad cooking means firing up the grill and cooking up some of the best tasting meat the family has ever had. So what is the secret to the best barbecue around? Believe it or not, the secret is all in the grill. Today, we pull out our bag of tricks and share what we do to keep the family coming back for more. #1 Heat Up the Grill A hot grill is the best. When the grill is hot, the meat sizzles as soon as we lay the meat on the rack. Not only does this add a “wow” factor …

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Dads Cooking for Picky Kids Make a Veggie Pirate Boat that Rocks!

Veggie Sailboat

Dads cooking around America have one thing in common…picky kids. We have kids that turn their noses up at new things and ask for mac and cheese for dinner. As dads, we know they need more than macaroni for dinner. They need vegetables, and we need to get creative so the vegetables will be fun, and they will be asking to make them and eat them. That is exactly what this veggie boat will have the kids doing. Veggie Pirate Boat My boy went through a pirate stage, so we made lots of boats. This particular boat is a fun …

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Dads that Cook Seize the Ingredient — Pears

Dads that cook know kids are picky eaters. In fact, a friend of mine had a son with such fickle taste that he went out and bought a whole case of Chef Boyardee from Costco the second that little man showed affection for the insta-meal. Years later, that case of instant mush is still in his pantry. I even think it’s still “safe” to eat, but nobody is touching it; including the son. Once you find one little thing that your child likes to eat, grab onto it. Use it as an ingredient in your food when you cook. Make …

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Dad Cooking Tip: Potato Chip Alternatives

Potato chips are one of the most popular snacks in the world, with millions being eaten every year—but they are about as healthy as a deep fried stick of butter. Get your kids off the chips by letting them watch dad cooking some of these tasty and healthier alternatives. Then they can grow up without knowing the embarrassment of orange-tinged, cheese powder covered fingers. Fruit and Vegetable Chips Bananas, apples, carrots and other fruits and vegetables can easily be converted into a crispy chip-like form with a little roasting. What’s great about fruit and vegetable chips is that they are …

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