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Sequoia Hall

Occupation: Director of the Santa Clara Open Space Authority Recipe: Lamb Stew, Sweet Potatoes with Butter & Sage Sauce and Homemade Ice Cream San Jose resident and father Sequoia Hall got the cooking genes from HIS father. He and his wife collaborate in the kitchen: He makes the protein, she makes the salad. His son has developed a specific love of baking, and his daughter likes to make things in the kitchen as well. Sequoia used to own a winery, and loves figuring out what foods pair best with certain wines.

Matt O’Haren

Occupation: Finance Recipe: Paella with Brussels Sprout Chips Matt works in finance helping tech companies get their game on. His wife Barbara is from Chile and they have 2 kids. His son Zack is in high school at Eaton in England and Zoella his daughter is in 6th Grade going to a Chinese American School learning Mandarin. Matt has been experimenting in the kitchen for several years and has honed his culinary skills by trial and error.

Kevin George

Occupation: Marketing Executive Recipe: Crispy Chicken with Au Gratin Potatoes This is a unique San Francisco Family with a lot of love! 2 moms and 2 dads working together to raised their kids. Kevin a marketing exec and his partner David a circus performer have fraternal twins (boy & girl) shared with their Mom and her partner. Kevin and the Mom were introduced by close friends and they both wanted to have kids so they decided to have kids together. Kevin enjoys being in the kitchen whipping up stuff for his family!

Mike Terrigno

Occupation: Sales Recipe: Saffron Sausage Pasta with Lemon Kale Salad Mike is a divorced father taking care of his 2 kids on his own. He used to be in politics then decided that politics wasn’t for him and went into sales. He loves to play music and cook for his kids and friends.

Carl England

Occupation: Fire Fighter Recipe: Pork Chile Verde with Beans and Rice Carl England is man’s man cooking enthusiast living in Morgan Hill, California with his wife and 3 children. As a local firefighter, he’s learned a lot about cooking in the firehouse, but takes great pride in cooking delicious, healthy meals for his family. He stays healthy and active by running often.

Paul Murray

Occupation: School Teacher Recipe: Beer-Braised Chicken with IPA Garlic Mashed Potatoes Paul is the proud father of a wonderful 3- year-old princess, teaches English at a business college, and brews his own beer as a hobby. He spent his twenties acting in LA and now writes short stories to scratch his creative itch. Paul is a bit of an adventure cook. He likes to cook all kinds of food, but is particularly drawn to styles and techniques he’s never tried before. One of his favorite ways of expressing and growing his skills in the kitchen is to throw a dinner party for …

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Marc Drucker  

Occupation: IT Specialist Recipe: Smoked Brisket, Homemade Mac & Cheese with Coconut Cream Pie This San Francisco tech worker received accolades for “The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies on Earth” in college, and baking has always been first in his heart in the kitchen. When he got married, he became the primary cook in the house and started reading every cookbook he could get his hands on. (He now has a collection of 120!). Slowly, he became more talented and adventurous with recipes, and he now cooks 4-5 dinners a week for his family, bakes his daughter’s birthday cake every year, and makes …

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Thom McMahon

Occupation: Business Professional Recipe: Talapia with Beurre Blanc Sauce, Crab Cakes and Bananas Foster Thom overcame throat cancer 4 years ago and lost 40 pounds and can now fit in his 1982 wardrobe. He told his wife he was saving those clothes because one day he was going to get back in them. He grew up on East Coast then moved to the West. He’s a professional at business but a redneck at heart. Thom is also a competitive bass fisherman and loves to hunt with his black lab, Midnight. He is the father of 2 kids, who both play competitive sports …

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Wes Hardisty

Occupation: Collection Rep Recipe: Dill – Lemon Salmon with Homemade Hawiian Salsa Wes currently works as a collection rep for a check-guaranteed company. He is a dad who enjoys cooking for his family and close friends on the weekends. His wife and his 3 kids are his biggest fans and critics of his food.

Ed Hahm

Occupation: Physician Assistant Recipe: Chimichurri with BBQ Lamb Chops Korean American Father of 2 kids a boy and a girl. He is a Physicians Assistant for Cardiac and Lung surgery. During the day he is doing open heart surgery, but on his down time he makes and incredible Chimichurri sauce that goes well with his BBQ Lamb.