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Get Your Kids to Cook Like a Dad on the Grill

Where did you learn how to grill? Was it though haphazard trial and error or did your dad teach you to cook like a man? Grilling is one of those rights of passage between a father and child that can impact their entire life. It’s generation after generation, passing down the tips and tricks for creating the perfect brisket or delicious hamburger. When it’s time for our children to take up the spatula and grill tongs, grab your apron and suit up because Iron Man has nothing on us. Tip #1: Safety First Our children are precious, but they’re also …

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Dad Cooks Homemade Easter Desserts

Easter is all about candy and dessert. Your kids will be screaming, “My dad cooks homemade Easter Desserts,” from the rooftops if you make these delicious treats. Don’t let Easter be simply store bought candy, when you can craft some holiday favorites from scratch. You’ll actually save money in the long run and your kids will be totally impressed with their dad’s skills. Homemade Peeps Peeps are the Easter equivalent of the Christmas tree. It’s just part of the holiday and the holiday season isn’t complete without it. Those boxes of sugar and marshmallow are expensive when compared to making …

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My Daddy Cooks: Prepping Cookies and Milk For Santa

Smiling gingerbread man with red funnel mug. Additional cookies

Christmas Eve is full of anticipation for children as they anxiously await the unveiling of not only their presents currently under the tree, but also the ones Santa brings while they sleep. It’s traditional to leave a little gift of cookies and milk for Santa, I mean, he does go all around the world in one night, he’s got to be hungry. Make sure your child can tell his or her friends, “My daddy cooks cookies for Santa.” Milk and cookie prep is an integral part of the Christmas process. While it’s nothing to stress over, it can be a …

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Christmas Cranberry Pound Cake by Daddy

loaf of pound cake on wooden cutting board

Cranberry Pound Cake for Christmas This Daddy in the kitchen recipe is a cranberry pound cake. While the kids call it “Daddy in the kitchen”, kids are welcome to help with this recipe too. Kids love to measure, and there is a lot of that to do with this recipe, so you can bake as a family. Here’s what we need to make this recipe: For the cake: 187 grams flour sifted. (It’s approximately 1 ½c plus 3tbsp, but weigh it to make sure. Too much flour and it will be dense and dry.) ½ tsp baking powder pinch of …

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Dads Cooking Need to Have Little Helpers

dads cooking with help of kids

Being a father means more than just being there for girl problems and going to summer baseball games. Bonding with your children in the kitchen helps to not only improve your relationship, but also create lasting memories that they will remember for a lifetime. Kids Want to Help When I’m in the kitchen making anything, I always have one or two little ones hovering around me. They’re jumping up and down to see what’s in the pan and asking what they can do to help. We all know that their help often isn’t really helping that much. This is especially …

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Quick Dinner Ideas: Grilling the Perfect Pizza

Pizza Cooking On Charcoal Grill

I love grilling. It’s the perfect way to cook meat and vegetables, but have you ever tried grilling a pizza? Grilling pizza is a quick dinner idea that will win over your family. The only problem is you’ll never be able to eat a cardboard pizza in the oven again; then again, that’s not such a bad thing. Grilling pizza is easy and that goes for your standard cardboard pizza or pizza made from scratch. You’ve seen grilling instructions on the packages, but now it’s time to try it out. Why Should I Grill A Pizza? So, what’s the point …

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Easy Recipes For Halloween

Autumn Pumpkin Spice Latte

Alright folks, step right up to the scariest kitchen in the land. It’s filled with tantalizing delights that will tickle your tummy and dazzle your taste buds. Halloween is perhaps the best time of the year for easy recipes that fit the theme of macabre. I’ve traversed the world and back again to find recipes that will make your kids squirm with delight. (Cue creepy organ music.) Mummy Dogs While there may be fewer things more frightening than the hot dog itself, they taste just so darn good. You’ve probably heard of crescent dogs, but when Halloween comes around trade …

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Teens Cooking with Dad

When kids are young, dad is a superhero, but when they become teens, dad becomes an annoying old man. Cooking with dad isn’t cool anymore and the only interaction you get out of them comes from replies to texts and tweets. It’s time to try and reconnect with your teen and what better way to do it than through cooking. Whether you’re an old pro and want to pass on a little knowledge or a newbie looking for a partner in crime, you can do it and you’ll both be better for it. Make It Something They Want The first …

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Pancakes Are Great for Cooking with Daddy

When I was a kid, one of the first things my dad and I cooked together was pancakes. They weren’t special pancakes in any way and came from a box, but it was fun for me and my dad to do it together. I was pretty young, but he let me help out from the very beginning. Pancakes are one of those breakfast staples that are easy to make and can be great fun for kids. The Basics When it comes to pancakes, you can make your own batter or use one of the many powdered mixes that are out …

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Easy Dinner Recipes For Kids: Hotdog Surprise

Sausage With Macaroni

This time of year my thoughts begin to think about grilling. The temperature rise, the grass gets green and I start getting the itch to get out the grill. One of the most popular grilling items is hotdogs. Kids love them. They’re not expensive and they’re easy to grill or make on the stove. There are a lot of hot dogs in a package and inevitably we have a ton left over, so why not use those leftover dogs in an easy dinner recipe for kids. No sense in letting them go to waste…it’s Hotdog Surprise. Hotdog nachos Are you …

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