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Cooking for the Family Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Alright dad, it’s time to take off the gloves and put on the mitts because you’re cooking for the family tonight. For many men, the stove is an alien object that belongs in a science fiction movie next to the vacuum cleaner and that weird shaggy broom that people wipe the floors with. Don’t worry, … Read more

Everyone Laughs When It’s Dad Cooking

Some of the best dishes I ever created weren’t the tastiest. In fact, some of the foulest smelling experiments in culinary arts provide the fondest memories. Cooking is just as much about experimenting with the norm as feeding the family, and it doesn’t always come out as planned. The important part is that everyone has … Read more

Cooking with Dad Should Be Fun

No kid or wife will complain about cooking with dad in the kitchen because, let’s face it, we make cooking fun. Cooking, for us, is an adventure and we are more than willing to let the laughter fly no matter what we are making. Dads tend to take cooking a little less seriously than say…moms. … Read more

Men Cooking for the First Time Can Be Scary…for Everyone

When it comes to men cooking, many women cringe and get a look of fear and trepidation. They love you, but if it doesn’t involve a microwave they think the kitchen will soon become an inferno rivaling that of hell itself. Many men have been sheltered from cooking because of dutiful mom, take-out and the … Read more

A Cooking Dad Is an Experimental Dad

Being a dad is about more than just throwing around the pigskin, teaching the best way to throw a right cross or hosting the occasional tea party. When you’re a cooking dad, your kids learn necessary life skills and the delicate art of culinary experimentation. Cooking Dads are Creative You can have a stack of … Read more