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Can Mom Love Cooking With Dad

Can Mom Love Cooking With Dad

In traditional gender roles, the kitchen was Mom’s domain. As time went on and those lines began to blur, the kitchen was still considered Mom’s domain and cooking with Dad was, let’s face it…scary. Mom may be very protective of her kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t both cook together and enjoy each other’s company.

Mom and Dad in the same kitchen can possibly create some tension, but as long as Dad follows a few rules and tips, there is no reason why Mom can’t enjoy cooking with Dad.

Set Your Tasks

Nothing leads to fights quicker than when two people begin overlapping and trying to do the other person’s job. Mom may not be the best potato peeler, but it’s a good idea to keep your mouth shut unless you want to sleep in the doghouse. Instead, each of you should have specific tasks that you both need to complete. Separately, the tasks create nothing, but together you can craft an amazing meal.

This also eliminates two people doing the same job or someone horning in on the other’s job. Each person should have their own duties and come together in the end to create something beautiful. Yeah, there’s some symbolism there.

Listen to Her

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for three days or thirty years, one thing you never do is ignore your wife. There is a reason why they say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. If you want your cooking experiment to go south fast, ignore her suggestions. Even if you end up not doing it, it’s always best to at least attempt it. Why? The goal is to have an enjoyable time together and starting an argument because you don’t agree that the potatoes need more paprika is a one way ticket to sleeping on the couch.

Yes, It Was Your Fault

Anyone who has been married for any length of time has learned two things:

1—Yes, it was my fault, and

2—I’m sorry I did it.

When your meatloaf looks like something out of a Wes Craven movie and you know that it’s likely because she added too much salt or not enough onions, etc., simply apologize and say it was probably your fault. Mom and Dad cooking together is a great way for couples to bond and spend a little more time together. Time is precious, so any time you can carve out to be together is worth it.

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