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A Cooking Dad Is an Experimental Dad

A Cooking Dad Is an Experimental Dad

Being a dad is about more than just throwing around the pigskin, teaching the best way to throw a right cross or hosting the occasional tea party. When you’re a cooking dad, your kids learn necessary life skills and the delicate art of culinary experimentation.

Cooking Dads are Creative

You can have a stack of cookbooks that go to the ceiling and follow every recipe to the letter, but you’ll never come up with your own signature dishes or experience the limits of flavor by following the directions. Dads don’t follow directions anyway, we make them up as we go along. That’s why they invented GPS, so we wouldn’t have to pull over and ask for directions or learn how to fold a map.

A cooking dad is willing to risk the entire meal based on a hunch and when the whole family scraps the last bits of blueberry hummus surprise into the garbage can, isn’t too proud to call the pizza delivery guy. I’ve discovered some of the best flavors through experimentation and also crashed and burned on many occasions.

Cooking Provides a Special Satisfaction for Dads

The feeling of triumph when that homemade buttercream frosting recipe is tweaked just right for a mocha flavor can only be rivaled by the shear look of panic on your wife’s face when she realizes you added so much sugar to the cake that it caramelized and is creating a six inch string of liquid sugar between her lips and her fork.

Perhaps that chili powder omelet was a little too hot to handle, but everyone laughed about it after drinking about three glasses of water. Experimentation in the kitchen is the perfect family activity. It’s not just about adding crazy things, but exploring your (and your children’s) tastes and hunches. If your son thinks it would be cool to add potato chips to your baked macaroni and cheese, then try it out. If he wants to add garlic to his cinnamon toast…you might want to strongly suggest that the flavors just won’t mesh.

You should never be afraid to experiment because, as with most things in life, you’ll never know until you try. So grab your favorite “Kiss the Cook” apron and the “Holy Mackerel” oven mitts and come visit us here for the latest cooking tips and tricks for dads of all experience levels, from expert to quick call the fire department because the oven is on fire!