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4 Tips to Help Dad Cooking on the Grill

Dad cooking means firing up the grill and cooking up some of the best tasting meat the family has ever had. So what is the secret to the best barbecue around? Believe it or not, the secret is all in the grill. Today, we pull out our bag of tricks and share what we do to keep the family coming back for more.

#1 Heat Up the Grill

A hot grill is the best. When the grill is hot, the meat sizzles as soon as we lay the meat on the rack. Not only does this add a “wow” factor but it keeps the meat from sticking. It may not seal in the flavor, but it adds flavor through caramelization.

#2 Marinate the Meat

Marinating meats does more than add flavor. It penetrates the muscle, and inhibits formations of crystals when grilling. This works great even with poultry, allowing everything to stay tender while cooking.

#3 Grill Baskets Are Your Friend

A grill basket may look like a woman’s tool, but it really is a grill master’s tool. It is perfect for grilling vegetables or anything else that is too cumbersome to mess with one by one. No more dropping things through the grate, or burning items because it takes too long turning them. At $10, why doesn’t every grilling dad own one?

#4 Keep Them Waiting

The last tip is: keep your family waiting once it is done. A good piece of meat needs to sit another 10 minutes before you slice it open. This allows the juices to redistribute and not seep out everywhere and ruin your perfectly cooked meal. We spent the time and effort cooking this fabulous meal for everyone, and we don’t want the flavor to run off the plate before they can taste it. So tent the meat with foil, and keep them waiting 10 minutes before letting everyone dig in.

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