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With Men Cooking, Cut Out the Distractions

Most men have short attention spans and are easily distracted, especially by something fun and/or shiny. It’s not our fault. It’s just how we were made. This can be a problem when it comes to men cooking. One false move and instead of golden brown toast, you have a smoldering inferno and your home looks like a scene from Backdraft. Unless you like to get visits from those nice men with axes and fire hoses, follow these tips to make sure you keep your eye on the ball. Turn Off the TV When you bake something, there is a lot …

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A Cooking Dad Dream Come True: Halloween Candy Pizza

It’s that time of year again when the leaves begin to change and children’s minds return to scary stories and gorging on Halloween candy. It’s also a great time for the cooking dad to scare up some entertaining grub for the family. This recipe melds two of every dad’s favorite things: candy and pizza. The Halloween candy pizza is a dessert pizza made using a cookie crust. The most difficult aspect of baking a large cookie pizza is making sure the middle is done and not raw…then again who complains about eating cookie dough? The Prep Start by preheating the …

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Freshness Counts for Dads that Cook

When your kids get older, you find yourself heading out to the four corners of the earth taking them to everything from soccer practice to ballet recitals. There’s hardly time to breathe, let alone creating the healthy meals that dads that cook would like to. It’s easy to forego the fresh fruit and veggies in favor of canned pasta or microwave meals, but processed foods aren’t going to have the vitamins and minerals that the fresh food does. In fact, processed foods, while usually inexpensive and quick to eat, are filled with preservatives and other chemicals that you don’t want …

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