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Cooking For the Family: Spice Up Grilled Cheese

One of the staple foods of any dad cooking for the family is the classic grilled cheese. It’s fast, it’s easy and boy is it tasty. Odds are your mom or dad taught you the same way to cook grilled cheese as everyone else. You heat a pan on the stove or use a hot griddle and place a piece of bread on the surface with the buttered side down. Add a couple pieces of American cheese and then top with a second piece of bread with the buttered side up. When the bottom piece is golden brown, flip it …

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Experimenting in the Kitchen while Cooking with Daddy

There’s this trick that authors and screenwriters use. They trick the audience into loving a character, no matter how flawed that character has been. A trick that cooking with daddy can use in their own life. Storytellers make you think someone is one-dimensional. And then, bam! They hit with you with an unsuspecting bit of information that makes the character mysterious, multidimensional and loveable. Just picture a warrior. He doesn’t speak much. He’s mean. He always gets the job done and expects others to keep their word. Others fear him. But then, you see him nurse a wounded dog back …

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