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Easy Recipes For Picnics: Homemade Guacamole

Peppers and cilantro

Along with grilling, summer is also the ideal time for picnics, potlucks and family reunions where everyone brings their favorite dish to pass. Dads like us want easy recipes that we can throw together quickly because we’ve got a hundred other thing to do as well. We have to pack the silverware and the plates and bring the whiffle ball set because you know Cousin Steve is going to forget — he’s got the twins after all. My favorite dish to take is guacamole, and you can make it as tame or as spicy as you want.

The Basic Guacamole

  1. The basic guacamole begins with peeling four large avocados. Avocados are ripe if they are soft and squishy but not really soft. If they are hard, then they’re not ripe yet.
  2. Add about a tablespoon of lemon juice and mash it all together until it forms a paste…a few chunks are ok.
  3. Add a ½ minced onion, a diced tomato and salt and pepper.

This is the basic guacamole recipe, and it is really good on its own, but it lacks heat. It is a good idea to make two batches. One for the old fogeys that can’t take the heat and one for the more adventurous and daring.

Add A Little Heat

It’s easy to add some heat to the finished product by adding just a few more ingredients. For a slight heat that lingers, but isn’t very powerful, dice up some garlic cloves. It adds some great flavor and just enough heat to keep it interesting.

I love cilantro because it has such a sharp taste when you hit a big leaf. Chopping cilantro into fairly large pieces adds a sudden flavor burst, which gives a little bit of heat too. The flavor is really the most exhilarating part of it.

Adding A LOT of Heat

When you need to turn up the temperature, you need to start adding peppers. For some good heat, you can chop up some serrano or jalapenos peppers. I always take the seeds out, but that’s where the real heat comes in; therefore, keep them in for those super spicy lovers. You can also buy juice from some of the more powerful peppers, like ghost peppers, but use it sparingly. A few drops is enough to crank the heat up to 11.

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