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Chill Out Supper Ideas

Tasty Vegetarian Gazpacho Soup On The Table.vintage Retro Hipste

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but when it’s 100 degrees outside, any dish is best served cold. Summer is great for baseball and grill outs, but when the thermometer is hitting triple digits we need supper ideas that don’t involve an oven…preferably straight from the refrigerator or freezer. Sadly, freezer pops aren’t exactly ideal dinner food, but here are a few thing that should cool you down. Gazpacho Recipe This is a traditional Spanish dish, but popular around the world. It’s one of a few cold soups. At its heart, the dish is cold vegetable soup. …

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Cook Like A Man: Find the Perfect Steak

Women seasoning meat on outdoor garden barbecue while man turns

When you head to the store to find a steak for grilling, they kind of all look the same. It’s easy to get confused when determining what makes one cut of beef better than another. However, this is an important skill to learn since steak is expensive and you will want the best meat at the best price. The last thing anyone wants is to pay top dollar for a steak that is tough and flavorless. To cook like a man, you’ll want to follow these tips to pick out the perfect steak. What Cut is The Best? With so …

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