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Tip of the Day! How to Freeze your Herbs

How to Freeze Your Herbs

Dads That Cook  – Tip of The Day: How to Freeze Herbs – Chop them up and mix them with olive oil or butter in an ice cube tray and freeze. Freezing them in olive oil prevents the herbs from getting freezer burn or turning brown. When you need them for pastas, roasts, or sautéing veggies, you can just pop out what you need and throw it in the pan or pot. Such an easy way to keep your herbs fresh!

St. Patrick’s Day Supper Ideas: Corned Beef and Cabbage

Homemade Corned Beef And Cabbage

No matter where we come from, in March, we’re all Irish for one day. St. Patricks’ Day is a big holiday complete with parades and green beer flowing like water. If you’re looking for traditional Irish supper ideas, then cozy up to your favorite stock pot and cook up some corned beef and cabbage. The good news is it taste amazing, but your whole house will smell like cabbage. It’s just a friendly FYI from me to you. Brining the Beef (2 Days Before the Cabbage) Before we can get to boiling all that cabbage, we have to first prepare …

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