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Everyone Loves Dads That Cook New Recipes

Dads That Cook New Recipes

How many of us out there grew up with “Meatloaf Thursdays” or “Spaghetti Fridays”? The idea that certain meals will be made on certain days isn’t a new one, but in a time of the Internet and an endless supply of recipes that don’t have to come from the Betty Crocker Cookbook. Dads that cook recipes that are outside the box every now and then are everyone’s favorite. Keep Meatloaf Monday If you’re a big fan or tradition and want to keep that schedule of meals, then there’s no reason you can’t, but spice it up a bit. Instead of …

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Dads Cooking Like MacGyver

What kid didn’t want to grow up and be like MacGyver? He was able to foil terrorists with nothing but a bottle of Preparation H and some tennis balls. He always got the girl, and even his food was amazing. He was somehow always able to make a four course meal with nothing but shoe leather and potato skins. There’s no reason why a dad’s cooking has to be boring and unimaginative, especially if you channel your inner MacGyver when you’re preparing meals. There are some common pitfalls that you can avoid by using your noggin, no Preparation H needed. …

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