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Teens Cooking with Dad

When kids are young, dad is a superhero, but when they become teens, dad becomes an annoying old man. Cooking with dad isn’t cool anymore and the only interaction you get out of them comes from replies to texts and tweets. It’s time to try and reconnect with your teen and what better way to … Read moreTeens Cooking with Dad

Dads That Cook Rock the House

The world is changing and the traditional roles of mother and father aren’t so clear cut. There are many stay-at-home dads doing the laundry, cooking the meals and taking care of the kids and for many that could mean domestic bliss. Dads that cook are quickly gaining momentum as society changes its rules and fatherhood … Read moreDads That Cook Rock the House

Men Cooking: Making Your Own Sausage

What are men cooking these days? Are we settling for boxes of macaroni and cheese and boring old grilled cheese? No, the days of the inept dad stumbling around the kitchen is over. It’s becoming our domain just as much as Mom’s. Don’t settle for Jimmy Dean’s precooked sausage when you can make your own. … Read moreMen Cooking: Making Your Own Sausage

Dad Cooking this Labor Day? Try These Mouthwatering Ideas

Nothing gets men cooking like Labor Day. It is a man’s holiday combing grilling, meat and family. This Labor Day, we are trying to make it easy to cook, while staying in the tradition of mouthwatering for everyone. Hamburgers with a Kick Many families celebrate Labor Day with hamburgers and hot dogs, but that does … Read moreDad Cooking this Labor Day? Try These Mouthwatering Ideas