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Kids Love Dads Cooking Buffalo Sauce

buffalo sauce

The pigskin is flying and dads across the nation are watching their teams battle head to head for that coveted Super Bowl spot. When it comes to dads cooking, there are few foods that will make their mouths water during game time like buffalo sauce. It’s the perfect mix of sweet and spicy that makes any game…even the blowouts…a little bit better. Dishes made with buffalo sauce are a hit with parents and kids alike, and it’s very easy to make. There isn’t much involved, but the flavor combinations create a unique taste that is unmistakable. The Sauce There are …

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Men Cooking Means Manly Foods

We’re men. Men like meat. Meat is good. When there are men cooking, the kitchen will be filled with the aroma of spiced meat and other foods that are guaranteed to put a little hair on your chest, so mom might want to grab a salad. There are countless foods that men love, but there are some that are the epitome of manly cooking, so sit back, loosen that top button on your pants and be prepared to gorge on some serious man food. Meatloaf What can I say? It’s meat and it’s a loaf, ‘nuff said. There is no …

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Dads Cooking with Pears…Say What?

Dads cooking with pears may seem like something out of a badly written Hallmark movie, but in reality pears offer a great taste and texture that few other fruits possess. While many people prefer to use apples for cooking, the pear is actually a very fitting alternative. You can pretty much substitute pears in any recipe that calls for apples. Also, don’t forget that pears are pretty awesome as a standalone, but there are a few tips and tricks you should know. The Right Pear for the Job Much like there are many different types of apples out there, there …

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Pancakes Are Great for Cooking with Daddy

Pancakes and Baking

When I was a kid, one of the first things my dad and I cooked together was pancakes. They weren’t special pancakes in any way and came from a box, but it was fun for me and my dad to do it together. I was pretty young, but he let me help out from the very beginning. Pancakes are one of those breakfast staples that are easy to make and can be great fun for kids. The Basics When it comes to pancakes, you can make your own batter or use one of the many powdered mixes that are out …

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Man Cooking: Woods For Smoking Meat

hickory tree wood in water for smoke Flames Grilling On The Bbq

There’s something special about the smell of meat being smoked in your backyard. It’s the epitome of man cooking. It’s like pure testosterone. We actually grow chest hair when we smoke meat. Ok, I made the last part up. Few people realize different types of wood can create a completely different taste in the meat. Some woods give the meat a sweet flavor, others bitter and when combined, different woods give a completely unique flavor. Sweet Flavor There are some meats such as pork and chicken, which lend themselves to sweet flavors; but what woods do we use to get …

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Back To School Breakfast Tacos

As a cooking dad, back-to-school is a high stress time. Not only do I have to get the kiddo up and ready, I have to prepare a nutritious meal that he is willing to eat. As any dad that cooks can attest, this means it has to be fast, easy and delicious. Here are my go-to back-to-school breakfast meals that keep my family going and hopefully, will make your life a bit easier too. #1 Breakfast Soft Tacos Think breakfast burrito, like you buy at the local fast-food shop, without all the wrapping. It is simple to make and your …

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Do You Cook Like A Man?

Man Cooking At Home Preparing Salad In Kitchen

What exactly does it mean to cook like a man? If I’m standing in front of the oven with pan of sausage and bacon cooking and the smell of burning animal flesh permeating the entire home, then am I cooking like a man? What if I’m wearing a mighty lavender apron with the phrase “Kiss the cook!”? The fact is cooking is a manly activity, but it wasn’t always seen that way. The Early Days of Men Cooking By the mid-20th Century, the majority of cooking was done by women, at least that’s what Hollywood led you to believe. Television …

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Cooking With Dad: What Oil Do I Use?

We go to the store because we need oil for a certain recipe. We head down the aisle and suddenly we’re awash in a sea of variety: palm oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, olive oil and on and on. Cooking with dad is supposed to be easy, but with so many different oils out there how do we know which ones to use for a recipe? Here are some of the most common cooking oils and what they are used for, so we don’t have a nervous breakdown at the grocery store. Vegetable Oil Perhaps the most common oil used …

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