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Dad Cooking Rice Krispie Treats, Yum!

Simplicity. Sometimes when you’ve had a long day and you need a little comfort, simplicity is the best medicine. I remember my dad cooking Rice Krispie treats as a kid and I couldn’t wait for the concoction of marshmallow and cereal to cool down. It didn’t matter how bad of a day he or I … Read moreDad Cooking Rice Krispie Treats, Yum!

Cooking for Two – Refrigerated Dishes can be a Considerable Help

There are different ways in which the families stay together. It becomes even more important to look into the kitchen affairs carefully when it comes to the family of just two. If you are a single parent and staying with your son, then the entire responsibility of kitchen comes on your shoulders. The food and … Read moreCooking for Two – Refrigerated Dishes can be a Considerable Help

Supper Ideas: Warming Winter Soups

Closeup of onion and garlic

Kids love playing outside in the winter. They have snowball fights, build snowmen and have all types of wintery fun; but when they come inside they’re like icicles. If you’re at a loss for winter supper ideas, then why not try some warming soups to take the chill out and bring the color back to … Read moreSupper Ideas: Warming Winter Soups

Cook Like A Man: Alternatives to Hot Cocoa Mix

Warm Hot Toddy With Lemon

Winter is in full swing and the temperatures are dipping. Hot cocoa is a traditional drink for this time of year, but it can be pretty boring. I mean, milk or water, cocoa mix, heat and serve. That sure doesn’t seem like how you cook like a man. We don’t have to just settle for … Read moreCook Like A Man: Alternatives to Hot Cocoa Mix

That’s Some Good Cooking Dad

Why do people seem to think that women make the best cooks? Let’s take a look at some of the most famous chefs out there—most of them are men like you and me. Guy Fieri is a cooking dad. Bobby Flay is a cooking dad. Even the foul-mouthed Gordon Ramsey is a cooking dad. They … Read moreThat’s Some Good Cooking Dad