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Dad Cooks a Thanksgiving Ham

When it comes to Thanksgiving, there is one particular bird that tends to get all the press. Turkey is the food of choice for Thanksgiving, but not everyone likes the bird. When dad cooks, we make sure to have a ham option for all those turkey haters out there. Choosing a Thanksgiving Ham There are … Read moreDad Cooks a Thanksgiving Ham

Easy Recipes for Halloween Treats

Blue berry gelatin and grape gelatin with gummy worms and spider

As much as Halloween is about scaring people, it’s also about candy and sweets. It’s a dentist favorite holiday thanks to all the sugar consumption. If you need an easy recipe for a party treat or to give out to the kids on Halloween, then we have a treat for you. These recipes are simple, … Read moreEasy Recipes for Halloween Treats

What to Cook for Dinner: Spooky Recipes

Cook for Dinner

The nights are a little colder and the moon seems a little brighter. Could it be that Mother Nature is getting prepared for the spookiest part of the year? When you’re trying to figure out what to cook for dinner, turn your mind to the creepy and the macabre. There’s no reason you can’t inject … Read moreWhat to Cook for Dinner: Spooky Recipes

Dad Makes Haunting Halloween Cocktails

dad makes cocktail

When it comes to party holidays, few are more fun than Halloween. While the kids are out getting candy or spending the night with grandma, dad makes some of the best Halloween cocktails around. Let’s look at some of these delicious recipes and see if they can give us a little liquid courage to take … Read moreDad Makes Haunting Halloween Cocktails