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My Daddy Cooks the Best Cold Desserts

Strawberry Ice

It’s hot and the best way to cool off is with a few cold desserts. We’re not talking about slightly chilled or lukewarm — we’re talking ice cold to help stave off the summer heat. When your child says, “My daddy cooks the best summer desserts,” you’ll know she means it. What’s really great about these recipes is that most of them don’t even need the oven at all. Recipe #1 – Ice Cream Pie This is one of those no brainers that my kid and I love. Plus, it’s simple and fast to make. First, take a package of …

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Easy Recipes: The Ultimate Baseball Dogs

Kids Baseball Team Jpg

The boys of summer are back and everyone is gearing up for another baseball season. It could be the major league or the local pony league, but everyone loves a good hot dog. Hot dogs are a staple of baseball games and when our favorite team is on in 15 minutes, we need easy recipes that are out of this world. There are three things that make a hot dog great: meat, condiments and buns. Let’s explore shall we. #1 The Meat is the Star Rule number one — there is only ONE meat in a hot dog. If you’re …

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