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Easy Meals For Kids: Memorial Day Inside Out Burgers

Happy family with barbecue

Summer is finally here and everyone loves to grill. Every holiday becomes a grilling holiday and when it comes to Memorial Day, easy meals for kids doesn’t get any better than the inside out burger. It’s fun because the kids can help make their own burger with their own special blend of cheeses. It’s going to be a hit and we get to spend quality time with the kids…and meat. Lots of meat. Simple Yet Tasty The inside out burger is actually rather simple that makes it perfect for the kids. With a regular cheese burger, we place the cheese …

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Easy Meals For Kids: Grilled Fruit

We’re men and we love meat. When spring hits, the grill comes out and anything in the meat department is fair game; but the grill can be for so much more. If you’re looking for an easy meal for kids, then try grilling some fruit. The heat caramelizes the sugars and adds to the smoky flavor for a taste we won’t find anywhere else. Fruits Perfect For Grilling Just like you can cook almost any meat from cow to caribou on a grill, almost any fruit can have a grilled counterpart. We know how good apples are inside of a …

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Dad Cooks Dinner, Kids Play Outside

Portrait of young men frying sausages and talking in the country

One of the caveats to the grilling season is that it has to be decent weather outside. When dad cooks dinner outside, it’s a great opportunity for the kids to play outside as well. We’re already out there; so we can keep an eye on the kids and the steaks at the same time. Kids spend far too much time inside playing video games and surfing the net; so get them out in the fresh air when you can. The Good Old Days There was a time when kids actually went outside on a regular basis. We did it. We …

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