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Marinades, Brines and Rubs: Easy Supper Ideas For The Grill

Man At A Barbecue Grill Preparing Meat For A Garden Party

Meat is awesome. The smell and flavor of meat cooking on the grill is an intoxicating scent. We can create a ton of easy supper ideas with just a few cuts of meat, especially if you use marinades, brines and rubs. Each one provides a unique benefit to meats, but too many people have a tendency to lump all three together into a single category. While each one does provide flavor enhancement, they can actually impact the texture of the meat as well. Dads like us need to prepare the right meat with the right technique. Tenderize your Meats with …

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Dad Cooks Dinner: Valentine’s Day Desserts

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

When dad cooks dinner, expectations can be mixed, but when dad cooks Valentine’s Day dinner, we better get it right. The main course is decided as well as the appetizers, but what about dessert. You can’t expect a no-bake cheesecake or some vanilla pudding to fly on Valentine’s Day. One of the simplest, yet most romantic desserts is chocolate covered strawberries. There’s a romantic feeling about feeding the sweet fruit to each other. It’s guaranteed to get the home fires burning. Choosing the Perfect Strawberries You’re going to want large juicy strawberries for dipping. The redder the better. The smaller …

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What to Cook for Dinner….Oh No… It Is Valentine’s Day!

For couples, Valentine’s Day is the biggest night of the year. We’re expected to go all out on gifts and fabulous food or else we’ll feel the wrath of our significant other for the rest of the year. Don’t spend the remains of the winter in the doghouse. Decide what to cook for dinner before it’s too late. Lobster is one of the most luxurious courses you can create, but it can be temperamental when it comes to cooking. Don’t risk your lobster dinner going belly up and follow these directions. Choosing The Perfect Lobster Choosing a lobster is all …

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