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What To Cook For Dinner: A Healthy Happy New Year

Many people like to start off the New Year by making resolutions to make their life better in some way. For some, it’s doing more exercise or spending less time at work and for others it’s eating healthier. When you need to decide what to cook for dinner, think about that resolution you made and start making healthier decisions. I can guarantee you will begin feeling better and ready to take on the world. Use Less Oil Oil is fat and while it helps keep things from sticking and can add a little flavor to certain foods, it doesn’t outweigh …

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Dads That Cook Offer Holiday Shopping Tips

Christmas gifts with ribbon on a red background

We’re not usually big fans of shopping. Men are very targeted shoppers. We go in, grab what we need and get out. There’s no trying on to see what fits. There’s no window shopping. Here at Dads That Cook, I wanted to offer a few tips for us guys when it comes to the decidedly unmanly art of shopping for Christmas. Avoid the Crowds, Christmas Shop Online The days of visiting those overcrowded malls and being nearly trampled by grannies and soccer moms are over thanks to the Internet. I remember the horrors of trying to navigate the different stores …

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