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Dads that Cook Seize the Ingredient – Pears

Dads that cook know kids are picky eaters. In fact, a friend of mine had a son with such fickle taste that he went out and bought a whole case of Chef Boyardee from Costco the second that little man showed affection for the insta-meal. Years later, that case of instant mush is still in his pantry. I even think it’s still “safe” to eat, but nobody is touching it; including the son. Once you find one little thing that your child likes to eat, grab onto it. Use it as an ingredient in your food when you cook. Make …

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Cooking With Daddy: Italian Dishes Made Easy

My son loves to cook with me and I try to get him involved as often as I can, but there are many recipes that just don’t fit well with children. Cooking with daddy is great bonding time, but it can’t require a lot of concentration, too many ingredients or take forever to cook. Kids like simple, fast and easy, so I’ve taken a few complex recipes and made them kid-sized. Potsagna Lasagna is an amazing Italian dish, but can be a pain in the neck to cook. You have to cook the noodles, lay them out, fill them with …

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Be Proud of Cooking For The Family

I’ve been cooking for the family for many many years and it’s something that I love. There is something so rewarding about seeing the look on their faces as they bite into that newest dish or scrumptious dessert. Dads like us are no longer a unique breed, but now commonplace occurrence. Living in today’s world is expensive and oftentimes both parents work or maybe you’re a single father doing double duty, but dads like us are spending more and more time behind the stove. Take Pride In What You Do Cooking is an art and one that is often learned …

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