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Dad Cooking 101: What’s a Garnish?

Cooking for a family is oftentimes like trying to wrap those last minute presents on Christmas morning as you hear footsteps coming down the stairs. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just needs to be done. When it’s dad cooking, the last thing on our minds is presentation. For many, presentation means making sure the peas aren’t touching the mashed potatoes. In other circles, aesthetics is an important part of meals and the garnish plays an important role. The definition of garnish is something used to improve the look or even taste of a dish. They are chosen sometimes …

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Dads That Cook Desserts: Cake Decorating Essentials

So, the little one is begging for that Superman cake he saw on Pinterest the other day and we’re expected to put something together by the weekend. It sounds like an episode of Mission Impossible complete with exploding mission instructions, but for dads that cook desserts this is a common occurrence. Tools of the Trade If you’re going to make an elaborate cake, then you’re going to need the tools. Simply using a regular spatula to move around the frosting will result in one of the Pinterest fails everyone loves on Facebook. Professional Cake Pans – Actual cake pans are …

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Fear: The Biggest Obstacle To Dad’s Cooking

Staring at full stove top or at a cabinet full of different types of pots and pans can be a daunting sight for a night when dad’s cooking. If there is anything that keeps dads from taking a step into the kitchen, it’s fear. We hide behind machismo and bravado, but the reality is for many men cooking is a scary prospect. Which burner do we use? The big one or the little one? Should I use a cast iron skillet to cook the pork chop or the one with the non-stick coating? What’s the difference between imitation vanilla and …

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