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When Cooking With Daddy Just Isn’t Possible

One day I was in the kitchen making dinner when my kid came up and asked me to help with the cooking. Cooking with daddy has always been a favorite pastime in my house, but I had three pots on the stove, a baking dish in the oven, I was cutting vegetables, washing other vegetables and it just wasn’t a great place for a small child to be. One small slip and we’re on the way to the ER. When we dads are faced with this dilemma, it’s best to handle it a certain way to make sure the child’s …

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Take The Easy Way Out When Cooking For The Family

We all know that cooking for the family isn’t always easy. We’d love to have five hours of prep time to get in those tasty fruits and vegetables, but there are always going to be those days when time is not on your side. It’s easy to just give in and grab a cardboard pizza or order take out, but the quality of the food isn’t up to our standards and it can be way more expensive to eat out. Instead, try these quick takes on some family favorites that give us the quality we want without the cost and …

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Why Everyone Loves Dads that Cook on the Grill

When the weather starts to warm up and the grass turns green, my thoughts turn to steaks, chops and chicken prepared fresh on the grill. Everyone can’t help but love dads that cook on the grill. The grill is dad’s domain and we can’t wait for winter to flee, so we can haul out the grill and commune with the barbecue gods. Propane versus Charcoal There has been an endless debate about the merits and problems between using a propane grill and a charcoal one. Dads everywhere are undecided, but purists believe that charcoal is the only way to go.  …

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