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Menu Planning: Cooking from a Stay at Home Mom

We talk a lot here about the men of the house cooking for the family, but we recently connected with Alyssa Blais and her blog, Cooking from a Stay at Home Mom and simply had to share with you. She fills her blog with healthy recipes, family meal advice, and fun “Simple Supper Tuesday” parties … Read moreMenu Planning: Cooking from a Stay at Home Mom

Dad’s Cooking His Signature Dish

Every chef, every cook, has a dish that they are known for. It’s the dish that everyone wants them to make because it’s their signature dish. It’s their specialty. When dad’s cooking that special dish everyone shows up to dinner with bells on. The signature dish doesn’t have to be something special. It just has … Read moreDad’s Cooking His Signature Dish

Men Cooking Lamb: Don’t Be Scared

When it comes to a nice romantic dinner, you can’t go wrong with lamb chops. It’s a tender and succulent meat that tastes absolutely amazing. When it comes to men cooking lamb, we can get a little nervous. It’s unknown. We’ve all cooked beef and chicken, but no one on Hell’s Kitchen ever gets the … Read moreMen Cooking Lamb: Don’t Be Scared